Body-editing apps on Tiktok stigmatize obesity and favor slimness

morningsidemaryland :When things which are too good to be true, then it probably is and the same scenario is relevant for those who are looking for a coveted body in terms of slimming waste or muscles on biceps etc

The news gains significance as a health journalist namely Danae Mercer who is coincidentally has a history of disordered eating is voicing her concern. She has been taking charge of sensitizing the masses about the “real agenda” of the apps in the form of Instagram and Tiktok where she has shown about how they edit the bodies. 

She has counted on her experience to show the ill effects of the app. For example, she gets the impression through these apps that she is actually becoming curvier and thinner but the reality is something different. Surprisingly, she can’t achieve the coveted position, even though if she trains herself for years. 

She further specifically highlighted on how the apps have removed her pores, giving an indication that it can’t be practically possible. In short, the app has presented a different herself which is totally in contrast to what she actually is. Importantly, the app is only concerned about generating views and popularity as the whole transformation can be achieved right in the click of a mouse. 

Sadly, teens especially girls are quite vulnerable to the whole thing due to their fickle nature. They don’t have a matured frame of mind. She further said that weight loss products aren’t really meant for teens and there has to be a growing need to regulate the whole aspect, since if continued, then the app will continue to target vulnerable audiences. 

People are actually distorting their images online, by those fancy images, and in the race of looking better than others, people are further pushing themselves deep psychologically. Yes, after all, the same people have to show themselves in the real world as they can’t continue to hide behind apps or screens all the times. 

People, who are increasing using these apps to distort their images, are only adding pressure for themselves in the real world where they have to actually live and face others.

A UK based eating disorder charity has charged the apps that they create a picture where obese people feel stigmatized, while promoting leaner bodies. This aspect is stressing the audience who feel at a lot of pressure due to the same. 

Tom Quinn, who is the director of external affairs, has requested the app making authorities to reconsider the kind of portrayal they have especially created, as they have an adverse affect on vulnerable people. 

He has also urged people to report ‘content’ which promotes similar behavior, so that it comes to the notice of authorities where relevant action can be taken henceforth. 

The app is caching on the increase demand of teenagers who constitute a big chunk of users. Last year, the app has to ban adverts which promoted weight loss supplements along with fasting apps.

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