Sky’s reporter was abused for making a red card error.

Morningside Maryland News :Owen was a reporter at Sky’s Soccer Saturday where she was abused online while doing her work. But, as a determined lady, she took to social media for venting her anger and demanding strict action against the perpetrator

Owen highlighted the images of the abuse which she received by the accused who blasted her for not doing her work as she is paid to do the same. She was even referred with the terms such as ‘stupid bitch’. She was given nastiest of the abuses where she was even abused on being referred as an absolute disgrace on being a mother. 

In her confession, Owen said that the abuse was unwarranted. 

Owen did confess the scenario where she missed the red card during the time of reporting between Walsall and Tranmere. However, she also highlighted on the selected group of people who are active on social media and their only job is to be mean to people like her.

After facing the abuse, Owen couldn’t take it any longer where she vented her anger in a tweet. She highlighted about how she starts her day with more of similar abuses as she is getting habitual of the same. She also questions the social media platforms to be more responsible and accountable for the people who create such accounts and then indulge in doing irresponsible actions. 

She further spoke about bad people being only few. She also highlighted about how the majority of beautiful people makes her day thanks to the lovely messages which become a part of her professional life. She enjoys interacting with them. She spoke about her little boy who cuddled her after seeing her depressed. She further drew attention on small number of those who try to ruin her day with selected and depressing messages. Although, majority of people are nice, yet few bad people try to be powerful enough in ruining her. 

She also reacted to the comments which related to her parenting skills. She at times question herself about why she uses social media where she has to go through so much, and she is sorry for not able to react to the good comments individually.  

Owen is deeply moved at the slew of abuses directed at her

Stelling reacted through a tweet on the fate which Owen has met where he was quite distraught after hearing about the abuse which the lady has to go through.

He further spoke about how he has been passionately working with her. He further highlighted about her being an outstanding person who doesn’t really deserve to go through all of this for sure. 

Kick It Out’s Troy Townsend reacted sarcastically about how community guidelines with social media sites seem to be a mere joke as even the harshest of abuse is accepted. It seems that under the name of free speech, they are turning out to be mere spectators where they give no regard to the traumatic experience which the individual may have to face due to abuse. 


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