Carjackers fleeing from DC to Maryland

The carjackers finally fled from DC into Maryland today after 2 vehicles had struck them during the process. While one of the vehicles was a white Ford, the other was of Benz. As a result, two males were entangled, leaving their families devastated. Certainly, this incident is captured all over the news, and you can even see it on various social media platforms. The Maryland police department is investigating the case, but no evidence has come forward till now.

  • Carjackers fled to Maryland
  • 2 vehicles got struck during the procedure
  • A male and a female were entrapped

2 vehicles were struck while the carjackers fled

Two vehicles had struck each other while the carjackers attempted to flee from the DC into Maryland. One vehicle was a white Ford, while the other was a Benz. Both the males got entrapped in the process, though! They are reported to leave their families in devastating conditions. This incident is across Twitter, and more information needs to be reported and figured out to dive into the case.

Maryland News

The case is open now, and the police department in Maryland has finally proposed an urge to the public so that they can come up with some relevant information related to the case. Since the police have no clue about the carjackers’ background or whereabouts, they have requested that the local people immediately share any information regarding them. The department closely monitors and inspects every aspect of the case to determine things from all angles.


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