The proposed Bill Would Require BGE to Get Consent for Gas Regulators.

A new bill has been proposed in Baltimore that would require Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) to get consent from homeowners before installing gas regulators on their property. According to WBAL TV, the proposed bill was introduced to the Baltimore City Council last week.

The bill comes in response to concerns raised by Baltimore residents over BGE’s plan to replace over 11,200 indoor gas regulators with new higher-pressure regulators. The new regulators are being installed to comply with the Flower Branch Act of 2021, which requires outdoor regulators in multifamily dwellings. The act was adopted after a gas explosion at the Flower Branch apartments in Silver Spring in 2016.

However, many Baltimore residents object to installing the new regulators on the exterior of their homes. The regulators control the pressure of the gas supplied, and some residents are concerned about the safety risks associated with having the regulators installed outside their homes.

Under the proposed bill, BGE must obtain written consent from homeowners before installing the new regulators on their property. The bill would also require BGE to inform homeowners about the potential risks associated with installing the new regulators.

The bill has received support from some Baltimore City Council members and community groups, who argue that homeowners should have a say in the gas equipment installed on their property. However, BGE has expressed concerns about the potential impact of the bill on its operations and the cost of complying with the new requirements.

The proposed bill is still in the early stages of the legislative process, and it remains to be seen whether it will be passed into law.

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