Western NY Death Toll Rises to 28 From Cold

The pre-Christmas blizzard that had paralyzed the Buffalo area in New York and a lot of other portions in the country has finally reached up to 28 in western New York. The authorities had said that the area witnessed one of the worst weather-related disasters on Monday. The blizzard finally roared through western New York on Friday and Saturday. New York Gov Kathy Hochul had passed a vehicle ban to avoid mishaps. Power outages and other emergencies, such as stuck cars and frigid homes, were quite common!

  • The Buffalo residents went around space heaters.
  • Public and authorities hunted for cars that went buried in the snow drifts
  • 28 people died due to the weather conditions being so severe

US witnessing ferocious winter storm

The rest of the US was reeling from the ferociousness of the winter storm, with around two dozen deaths reported in different parts of the nation. According to the National Weather Service, 9 inches of snow, approximately 23 centimetres, fell in areas of western New York through Tuesday. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, calling the blizzard, said, “This is not the end yet.” He added, “the worst storm probably in our lifetime.” President Joe Biden said that his prayers are with the victims’ families, and they should be offered federal assistance on Monday to the hard-hit state.

Maryland News

Dead bodies were found in homes, snowbanks and cars amidst the snow.

People who died were either found in the snowbanks, homes and cars. Emergency crews could not respond to all the emergency crises on time. Melissa Carrick, a doula, said that the situation left her with no choice but to coach a pregnant client through childbirth via phone. She said, “In any other normal Buffalo storm? I would go because that’s what you do – just drive through the snow. But you knew this was different.” A meteorologist finally revealed that you could expect relief later this week.


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