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Work In Progress: Return To Showtime? Release Updates And Much More

Work in Progress is back! With work in Progress Season 2 underway, the cast and crew are hard at work. In this blog post, we have some updates about work in Progress, a preview of what to expect for Season 2, and more.

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The release date of Work in Progress Season 2:

The release date of Work in Progress Season 2 is August 22, 2021.

The cast of Work in progress Season 2:

  • Abby, Played by Abby McEnany
  • Alison, Played by Karin Anglin
  • Julia, Played by Julia Sweeney
  • Chris, Played by Theo Germaine
  • Campbell, Played by Celeste Pechous

About Work in Progress Season 2:

Work in Progress is a comedy-drama series created by Abby McEnany (who also stars as the central protagonist) and Tim Mason (also the director of the pilot episode) that airs on Showtime.

Work in Progress’ finds its inspiration from Abby McEnany’s one-woman show, based in Chicago. Her character is Abby, a unique woman with a complex life. Bringing in a mix of dark comedy, humor, and sadness in a single tale, the series chronicles her struggles and the entire journey.

Abby confronts the 'SNL' character who keeps ruining her life in 'Work in  Progress' season 2 trailer - Flipboard

Branded by Showtime as a “finely-crafted cocktail of depression, OCD, queerness and anxiety”, which revolves around “a quiet and perpetual crisis,” the dramedy begins by introducing us to Abby, who is in a discussion with her therapist. She tells that she is 45, fat, and a queer dyke, with no achievements in life and that’s her overall identity.

The plot of Work in Progress Season 2:

“It’s that moment when you realize your story matters — it has weight and depth and complexity,” said Soloway about the upcoming work-in-progress second season which she describes as “more accessible.”

“I’m excited to explore these new dynamics between Abby [Alison Pill] and her mother Paula [Kathryn Hahn], now that they’ve really been broken apart by Abby’s work,” she added.

“Abby is trying to find her work, and she doesn’t have a partner in life or work. So it’s about rebuilding those two things.”

Soloway also hinted at an upcoming episode that deals directly with immigration: someone who was up for deportation from Canada due to visa issues has their story highlighted on Season Two of Work In Progress so viewers can see how government bureaucracy impacts our lives.

This season includes an interactive segment where viewers get to help Abby make decisions about each work project.

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