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Shaman King 2021 Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Complete Reboot

Netflix has just announced that they will be rebooting the popular anime series, “Shaman King”, in 2021. This is a huge deal because it’s been 13 years since the last episode of Shaman King aired on television. Netflix also released an official trailer for shaman king and the cast was revealed! Read more to find out about this exciting news!

The release date of Shaman King:

The first season of “Shaman King” will arrive on Netflix on Monday, August 9 2021 according to What’s On Netflix.

The cast of Shaman King:

  • Opacho – Hayashibara Megumi
  • Ching Tao – Shibata Hidekatsu
  • Amidamaru – Konishi Katsuyuki
  • Chrysler – Miki SchiniChiro
  • Asakura Hao – Takayama Minami
  • Asakura Youmie – Aono Takeshi

Trailer of Shaman King:

Netflix released Shaman King 2021 trailer on its YouTube channel on March 3, 2021. Later on, a promotional video was released on the official Shaman King website.

Shaman King Confirms Netflix Release with New Trailer

The plot of Shaman King:

Shaman King” centers on Yoh Asakura, the twin brother of a reincarnated ancient shaman who sets out to win an intense tournament and become the next Shaman King a title awarded to people who are incredibly strong and skilled at dealing with the spirits that roam the Earth.

Along the way, he comes across a seemingly ordinary middle school student named Manta Oyamada, who discovers he has the ability to see spirits while fending off attackers one day.

At the same time, Manta summons an ancient samurai warrior named Amidamarau. The trio set out together in an attempt to win against other aspiring Shaman King contenders, introducing a whole host of shamans, spirits, allies, and adversaries for Yoh to go up against as the series progresses.

The new 35-edition manga print volume published by Kodansha last June follows the twin brother of a reincarnated ancient shaman on his action-packed journey to become the next Shaman King in a mythical fantasy world of spirits and shamans.

Is Sharman King worth watching?

Shaman King is one of the best animes I’ve watched in a long time. … Another thing I really enjoyed in Shaman King was that there isn’t always one character who dominates the battles, but all of the characters you meet in the show have their own abilities, which make them important for every single battle.

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