What Time Does CVS Close

Morningside Maryland Staff : In desperate times like the pandemic, we depend solely on online deliveries to get our items. Most companies have also started delivery services to make sure the customers still get what they need. CVS is a company that sells and delivers essentials like medicines, and many of you may have lots of questions like “what time does cvs close?” etc. This article has all the information that you need to know. 

What is CVS?

CVS is an American retail chain owned by CVS health. It is a pharmacy that sells medicines and other essentials just like every other pharmacy. CVS faced a shortage of stocks and delayed deliveries because of the ongoing pandemic, but they quickly turned the tables and restocked their supplies. They have also donated a large sum of money to COVID relief funds. 

Why is CVS Closed?

Although CVS announced that they were closing their shops in the USA in 2019 and 2020, they are not out of business, and they simply only closed the underperforming stores. Also, due to many COVID restrictions, some stores had to be temporarily closed during lockdowns and quarantine periods. 

As for the timings, the new timings are 8 Am till 10 Pm. Only some of the old stores are open 24 hours. However, they offer delivery of prescribed medicines with no delivery charges. 

Are CVS and Walgreens the Same?

The answer is both yes and no. In terms of ownership – No, CVS and Wallgreens are not owned by the same company; they are competitors. In terms of products sold- Yes. They are similar. Both CVS and Wallgreens sell the same types of products; they are pharmaceutical companies. 

Is CVS Better Than Walgreens?

Most of the time, customers do not have a strong preference. The customers have also admitted that they just look at the flyers and choose the store with the better deal. Some customers lean more towards CVS for their rewards system and use of coupons. However, Wallgreens has also recently updated its reward system, but customers are still getting used to the new system. 

One will always find both CVS and Wallgreens very close to each other, maybe only a few blocks away. This is a common tactic followed by competitors. When a customer is not satisfied with the product in CVS, they can quickly leave and purchase it at Wallgreens and vice versa. If the shops were not close to each other, the customers would settle for the product in CVS, and Wallgreens will lose customers. 

What Does CVS Stand For?

CVS once stood for Customer Value Stores when it was a subsidiary store under Melville Corporation. In the later years, CVS was established as a company of its own, and the current CEO of the retail chain believes that it stands for “convenience, value, service.”

For all those wondering what time does cvs close? As already mentioned, the updated timing is from 8 Am to 10 Pm. All the businesses are trying challenging to keep their sales high. Both the small business and large retails stores like CVS are facing a tough time, and as consumers, we need to make sure to support all our local businesses and keep them going. 

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