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morningsidemaryland Staff : Located 20 miles from Chicago is elk grove village il in the United States, Illinois. The village is directly adjacent to O’Hare International Airport. Due to the large industrial parks present on its eastern border, it one of the business hubs with lots of economic importance. It also serves as an interstate highway like “I-90, I-290/I-355/Route 53, and IL-390”.

Why is Elk Grove Village a Good Place to Live?

The elk drive has gained many awards over the years, proving that it is one of the best places to live in. The city has been named the 3rd safest place in Illinois in 2019 by backgroundchecks.org. It was also recognised as the “Best Hometown” in 2016 by Daily Herald Readers’ Choice poll. 

Apart from being a safe neighbourhood, it is also a business hotspot and was listed in the top 7 places to start a business in Illinois by Nerdwallet.com in 2015. As a result, this place is an excellent option for budding entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business on their own. 

The neighbourhood is filled with friendly families, and several events happen year-round that keep both the children and the adults entertained.  Some of the upcoming events are the celebration for the 4th of July; there is also a forthcoming October fest filled with German food, fun activities and games and many more events. 

It is also perfect for kids and young adults as the place overs many recreational activities, libraries, etc. The village has a highly detailed and helpful website that can be accessed by anyone. Any upcoming event or contact details of the frontline workers and helper are available clearly on the website. So if you are new here or planning to move, you need not worry about finding the contact details of a plumber or anybody as you find anything you need on the websites, along with all the rules and regulations that the residents need to follow. 

What is Elk Grove Village IL Known for?

The pace is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is full of different exciting places to visit.  Although elk grove il is an economic hotspot, it has many various sites for tourists to visit. The Busse Woods Trail System is one such places where you can hike with your family and have a relaxed weekend. There is also a Pirate’s Cove Children’s theme park filled with exciting games.

Is Elk Grove Illinois Safe?

As already mentioned, Elk Grove is a safe place with a good neighbourhood. It is marked as the 3rd safest place in Illinois, just below Warrenville and Deerfield. The place has 0.75 scores on the index of safety. 

How far is Elk Grove Village from Chicago?

Elk Grove is about 23 miles from Chicago and is only a 35-minute drive by car, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach Chicago by train. 

elk grove il is one of the safest and best places in Illinois, and if you are a family with lots of active kids looking to move there, then this is your place! 

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