What Is The Maryland Lottery?

Morningside Maryland Staff : The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control (mdlottery.com) is an independent agency run by the Maryland government. It conducts lotteries via fun games. Some of the games they conduct include Mega Millions, Bonus Match, Scratch-Offs, Cash4Life, Keno, Racetrax, etc. You get a chance to win large sums of money as the grand prize while having fun playing the games. It’s a win-win!  

Maryland Lottery

Maryland recently came into the limelight for launching their unique “Get A Shot For A Shot To Win” lottery drawings exclusively for people who got vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. These $40,000 daily lottery drawings aim to generate the interest of more residents to get the shot. But this isn’t the only exciting game that Maryland has to offer. One of their top-rated games includes the Maryland Pick 3 / Pick 4 game. Read on to know more about it. (maryland mask rules )

The Pick 3 / Pick 4 Game

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but you must know a few aspects beforehand. The game involves picking 3 or 4 Maryland lottery numbers. The lottery tickets with the numbers on them are called playslips. One option is the Maryland Lottery Pick 3 playslip. You get to choose between the Box, Straight, Box and Straight, Front Pair, Back Pair, or a Combination bet type. 

These refer to how the numbers on the playslip must match up to the winning lottery number. Option two is the Maryland Lottery Pick 4 playslip. You then choose the betting type from Box, Straight, Box and Straight, or Combo. After picking the playslip and betting type, you then proceed to select the wager.  ( Read also : Vaccine Lottery Maryland- All That You Need To Know About It )

The wager is the amount you wish to bet per panel on the playslip ($.50, $1.00). You can choose this amount except for the following betting types, which are fixed:

  • Straight or Box Bets: For this playslip, you must bet $.50. Your lottery ticket will cost $1.00 with $.50 each for the Straight and Box bets.
  • Combination Bet: You must select the $.25, $.50, or $1.00 per each wager.


As is the case for playing any other Maryland lottery game, the player must be above the age of 18 years to participate. The number on your playslip must match the winning number in the exact order in which it occurs. After you choose the playslip, bet type, and wager, you must preserve your ticket correctly so that you can claim any prizes you win. The ticket is a non-negotiable element to claiming the money. Another important thing to consider doing is to sign the back of your tickets as proof. To go through the rules in detail, you must read them thoroughly on their website before playing. 

How To Participate

You can get a playslip only through a Maryland Lottery retailer, a self-service terminal, or get an ePlayslip on the MD Lottery mobile app. 

How To Claim The Prize Money

Claiming the prize money isn’t difficult at all. Cash prizes up to $600 can be easily redeemed at any of Maryland’s Lottery retailers. Amounts up to $5000 will have to be redeemed at an Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP). The MD Lottery website even has retailer and XCAP locations. Processing takes at least 15 business days for amounts over $25000. You must furnish proof of your identity via your social security number and photo ID for any prizes that are above $600. 

Important Note

You must understand the importance of playing Maryland Lottery games responsibly. As exciting and fun as these games are, maintaining limits and laying out reasonable restrictions for yourself is necessary. If you do not manage this properly, you have the risk of jeopardizing your finances and family. 

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