Vaccine Lottery Maryland- All That You Need to Know About It

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan proclaimed a lucrative policy of Vaccine Lottery Maryland that would trigger the enthusiasm of the residents of the state to get their vaccine shots. This offer by the state will be valid from 25th May to 3rd July. The winner of the Maryland covid lottery will be awarded a hefty prize. Now, you may wonder how you can enter into the Maryland vaccination lottery? Read on to know about the nitty-gritty of the Maryland covid vaccine lottery. 

Why Was the Maryland Lottery For Vaccine Introduced? 

In its efforts to end the pandemic, the state of Maryland has announced this policy of lottery to encourage the state residents who were otherwise reluctant to get vaccinated. Maryland was witnessing a fall in the number of people getting their shots. To motivate them to get vaccinated on a large scale, the words of such an alluring policy were circulated among the public. 

Governor Larry Hogan, along with the Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland Lottery, came together to announce the VaxCash Promotion of $2 Million. A total number of 41 lucky Marylanders who have been vaccinated will be awarded $2 million in the form of a cash prize. Quoting Governor Larry Hogan, “Get your shot for a shot to win.” So, there is a double benefit of getting vaccinated. One is the obvious protection from the COVID-19 virus, and the other being a winner to have a significant share of the hefty sum of $2 million. 

According to Gordon Medenica, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director, mass vaccination is essential for the pandemic to end. Besides, this lottery game will boost the spirit of the state residents in these challenging times, offering them a golden opportunity to give them a chance to enjoy a “fun-filled summer.” This will also be a much-needed respite from the gloomy environment all around. 

What Is The VaxCash Promotion All About? 

The $2 Million VaxCash Promotion is a part of the state government’s policy designed to drive the residents to get vaccinated within 4th July. $40,000 will be awarded every day to each person, starting from 25th May and continuing until 3rd July. 

The final drawing will be conducted on 4th July. A total sum of $400,000 will be awarded to a lucky vaccinated resident. 

Eligibility To Enter Into Vaccine Lottery Maryland

  • A person must be a resident of Maryland.
  • The resident has to be at least 18 years of age or above to emerge as the winner. 
  • He/she should get at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination. 
  • He/she will be ineligible, provided the person getting vaccinated in some other state/federal facility. 
  •  He/she will be able to take part in the lottery system if he gets his shot anytime before 4th July. 

How Will The Winner Be Declared? 

The names of vaccinated residents and eligible for the Maryland covid lottery will automatically enroll in the Immunization Information System, Immunet. The Maryland Department of Health will allow each eligible resident with a number to conduct the drawings. No personal information of the residents will be leaked to the Maryland Lottery without their consent. 

The Maryland Lottery will only receive the numbers of the respective residents. It will use a computer program that will generate a random number on the day of the result declaration. The winners will stay anonymous to the Maryland Lottery. On disclosing the number of the winner, the Maryland Department of Health will contact that particular resident. 

What Are The Procedures Needed to be Followed to Bag the Prize Money? 

After the Maryland Department of Health contacts the residents, they will be asked to sign the “$2 Million VaxCash Promotion Authorization Form”. This form has to be sent back to the Maryland Department of Health. The names of the winning residents, along with their contact details, will be sent to the Maryland Lottery. 

The Maryland Lottery will require the winners to go through a procedure by which they can claim their rewards. Documents that are to be displayed to receive the prize include the following:

  • A copy of the Social Security Number
  • A valid ID with a photo
  • A signed copy of the Claim form of the Maryland Lottery

The winners may choose to receive the prize either via mail or by meeting in person. An appointment has to be made at the headquarters of the Maryland Lottery, located in Baltimore, for the latter option. 

Deadline For Gaining Entry Into The Maryland Covid Lottery

Since 4th July is the last date of conducting the drawings, make sure you get vaccinated and get yourself enrolled in the Immunization Information System of Maryland by midnight of 3rd July. 

Is There Any Way Of Getting Increased Chances To Win The Maryland Covid Lottery?

There is no way to increase your chances of winning the lottery by getting both vaccine doses. Even if you receive both the vaccine doses, entry of your name will be made only once. 

Is It Possible To Remain Anonymous In Case You Emerge To Be The Winner?

The state lets the residents stay anonymous after winning the Maryland Vaccination Lottery. If the winner hails from a town with a large population of over 60,000, the city’s name will be mentioned in the winners’ list. 

If you belong to a small town, the name of your home county will be published by the Maryland Lottery. 

Source Of Funds For The Vaccine Lottery Maryland

The Marketing Fund of the Maryland Lottery, which is usually related to monetizing advertisements, will be providing the prize money to the winners. The required amount of money has already been allotted to the Maryland Lottery. The Maryland Lottery was established in 1973. It has awarded cash amounts having a net worth of $28.2 billion to the winners of the lottery conducted in the past. This institution has also offered $17.3 billion to the State of Maryland to help it carry out the welfare schemes for the people. 

The Maryland Lottery has also helped in increasing the total revenue of Maryland. It has also offered monetary aid to develop the realms of human resources, the environment, and public safety. 

The $2 million VaxCash Promotion will in no way lead to a reduction in the amount of financial aid usually made by the Maryland Lottery to the educational institutions. 

What Are The Other Incentives Offered By The Government Of Maryland? 

  • Previously, the Maryland Government provided Maryland employees with a total sum of $100 on getting vaccinated. 
  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan had, in the last week, entered into a partnership with Ledo Pizza. This policy has been launched to offer free pizzas to people vaccinated either in May or June. 

Both of these incentives were carefully planned by the government, especially the latter option. After all, who won’t jump at the prospect of free pizzas? The aim of a majority of the population getting vaccinated can be fulfilled in this way. 

Result Of The Maryland Covid Vaccine Lottery On Vaccination

As per the data received from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 54% of the total state population (6 million people) has received their first dose of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. Two doses of the vaccine launched by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNtech have been received by 44% of the Marylanders. According to the Maryland Department of Health reports, this very 44% of the population also accounts for immunization from a single dosage of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines. 

What Is The Needful If You Don’t Want To Take Part In The Vaccine Lottery Maryland? 

There is no such way to avoid taking part in the Maryland Vaccination Lottery. This is because, once you get vaccinated, a random number is automatically generated against your name. The Maryland Lottery then records this number. If you win the lottery and your number gets selected on the day of the drawings, you can refuse to take it after the Maryland Department of Health contacts you. 

Is Maryland The First State To Introduce The Maryland Lottery For Vaccine?

Apart from Maryland, there are some other states like Ohio, Oregon, West Virginia, and Kentucky that have formulated a similar lottery plan for the vaccinated residents. While Ohio has framed an opt-in policy for the vaccinated residents of all age groups, inclusive of teenagers, Oregon has devised a plan of $1 million as the lottery prize in association with the lottery commission of the state. 


 The disinterestedness of the Marylanders in not getting vaccinated was problematic for the state. This is because of the state’s fear that the pandemic could not be ended if the general apathy of the residents continues in this way. Vaccine lottery Maryland is an excellent strategy devised by the state to boost the vaccination rate of the state. When the state offers such a huge incentive, it is usual that everyone will get tempted to it. This accounts for the massive vaccination rate in recent days. 

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