We need more Black women in Law- Here is why

Samantha Peters is a law student and graduated from law school in the year 2016. She has now become judge in Aleberta, Queen’s Bench Justice Gaylene Kendell, she is the only black female judge there. Because I have heard so much about racism so this would be better to interrogate anti- black racism in law. I would really appreciate the day I would hear from a black woman introducing me about the legal profession, and it is needed especially to the place I am right now. All in my life I have witnessed and met Black women mentors, Black women in my family and lack queer folks in my community who showed me with their sheer support. 

Later Samantha told everything about her profession that how her mother encouraged her to go for profession of law. This also inspired Samantha somewhere or the other, because she tells about her childhood days how she saw divorce of her parents at the age of seven and how it affected her as a child. It changed her life totally and it made her even think about to become a lawyer and to protect all the children from this heartbreak. Samantha Peters is a queer Black Lawyer and she has practised law in Canada. Initially, she took this decision of becoming lawyer when she was just seven and it was her tough time. Samantha as a child witnessed some terrible situations of divorce along with her parents and this also had shaken her from inside. However, when she took this decision when she hardly knew what it is like to be a lawyer by then.  But with time, she understood the real meaning of it and she been achieved this position. In an interview, she said:

‘’However, initially I was drawn to the family law because of my parents went for their divorce. I went to study in France at Sciences Po Lille; I was interested in an international law. Then I took some more courses in Equity studies in the times of undergrad, I was drawn to criminal law. I’ m now interested in workers’ rights, but it still draws upon areas of the law that I considered in the past. 

It was all great experience to know about law more in details and to understand the depths of it. At the same time, this profession and study also gave me a way to understand my own depths and thoughts about Black queer femme. So I found my things which I understood after joining law course. It really helped me to understand my own depths, my own behaviour and it is also kind of thing which just helped me understand ‘racism and society more’. It also ended my isolation and I even joined an organization at school, although, it was a white, gay males and it also felt like I did not fit in there. But anyways, I have long way to go and to understand things.

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