Trial for Ex-Baltimore Prosecutor Moved Outside City Due to Potential Juror Bias

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The trial of Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor charged with perjury and mortgage fraud, will be moved outside the city due to potential juror bias, according to a ruling by a federal judge on Friday.

U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Blake ruled that extensive media coverage of the case may have biased potential jurors in Baltimore, and therefore, the trial will be held elsewhere. Mosby gained national recognition for her progressive policies and high-profile cases during her two terms as Baltimore state’s attorney.

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Mosby’s trial has been delayed three times and is now scheduled for November 2nd, with jury selection beginning on October 31st. She left office in January after serving two high-profile terms.

Impact on the Case

The decision to move the trial outside Baltimore will likely impact the case significantly. Mosby’s legal team had argued that the case should be dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct and conflicts of interest, but Judge Blake denied the request.

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Moving the trial outside of Baltimore will likely make it more difficult for Mosby’s legal team to argue their case, as they will be dealing with a new set of jurors who may not be familiar with the case. Mosby has maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings and has accused the federal government of targeting her for political reasons.

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The trial is expected to be closely watched by legal experts and political observers, as it could have implications for the future of criminal justice reform in Baltimore and beyond.

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