Adam Van Grack Receives 11 Endorsements in Rockville City Council Race

Adam Van Grack, a candidate for the Rockville City Council, has received 11 endorsements from current and former elected officials. The endorsements were announced by Van Grack on July 11, 2023, and are seen as a significant boost to his campaign. Adam Van Grack Receives 11 Endorsements from these personalities

*Brian Feldman, District 15 Senator

*Joe Vogel, District 17 Delegate

*Marc Korman, District 16 Delegate

*Tom McMillen, former US Congressman, MD-04

*Doug Gansler, former Maryland Attorney General

*Bill Bronrott, former District 16 Delegate

*Susan Hoffmann, former Rockville Mayor

*Steve Van Grack, former Rockville Mayor

*Pete Fosselman, former Kensington Mayor

*Bob Wright, former Rockville Councilmember

*Alan Cheung, former Montgomery County Board of Education Member

Reaction to Van Grack’s Endorsements

Some residents have also expressed concern about the influence of endorsements in local elections, arguing that they can give specific candidates an unfair advantage. Others have countered that endorsements are an essential way for elected officials to signal their support for candidates who share their values and priorities.

Regardless of the debate over the role of endorsements in local elections, it is clear that Adam Van Grack’s approvals have boosted his campaign as he seeks to win a seat on the Rockville City Council. With the election just a few months away, Van Grack will be looking to build on this momentum and to earn the support of even more Rockville residents.

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