World’s Largest Rubber Duck coming to Maryland

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck is making its way to Maryland for the first time, bringing joy and excitement to people in two towns in southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore. According to WMAR 2 News, the massive duck will be in Leonardtown from August 4-6 and in Crisfield from August 11-13.

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck is known for showing up at harbors and brightening moods worldwide. The duck is 61-feet high, 69-feet wide, 79-feet long, and weighs 31,500 pounds, according to KSAT. The duck has made appearances in various locations, including Michigan and Minnesota, where it has attracted thousands of visitors.

The duck’s arrival in Maryland is expected to draw large crowds and provide a much-needed boost to local businesses. Leonardtown Mayor Dan Burris said in a statement, “We are thrilled to welcome the World’s Largest Rubber Duck to Leonardtown. This is a unique opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate.”

Crisfield Mayor Barry Dize echoed Burris’ sentiments, saying, “We are excited to have the World’s Largest Rubber Duck visit our town. This is a great opportunity for our residents and visitors to experience something truly special.”

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck is more than just a giant inflatable toy. It has become a symbol of hope and joy, bringing people together and reminding them of the simple pleasures in life. As the world continues to face challenges and uncertainties, the duck’s arrival in Maryland is a welcome reminder that there is still much to be grateful for.

If you’re planning to visit the World’s Largest Rubber Duck in Maryland, be sure to check out the local attractions and support the local businesses. And don’t forget to take a selfie with the giant duck!

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