Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange new worlds Neither strange nor new, but it does get fun

The further adventures of the USS Discovery team after they found themselves caught up in a war. Between the Federation and an apocalyptic unknown enemy. Mysterious symbols haunt their every step and conspiracies abound as they discover. That not only was there an invasion on Earth years ago but now the entire galaxy is changing. The crew must turn to all their skills, including their own past lives, to find a way home.

“Strange New Worlds” is a sequel to the 2009-2012 Star Trek: Enterprise series “Insurrection”. In “Strange New Worlds”, the Discovery is destroyed, and the crew of the Enterprise, one year later, pursue it to a new ship. “Strange New Worlds, Part 1” is the first part of a two-part story. It introduces Lt. Michael Burnham, who becomes a cadet aboard the USS “Enterprise”. She dominates the cadets and is disrespected by her commanding officer and mentor, Captain Gabriel Lorca. However, she is also supported by her Vulcan science officer Captain Spock.

What is the release date of Star Trek: Strange new worlds?

The release date of “Strange New Worlds” is 2022. The new crew of the U.S.S. Discovery finds themselves in an alternate universe 200 years after Kirk, Spock and the rest of the original series crew did. “Insurrection”, the follow-up to Star Trek: Enterprise, was originally intended as a spin-off series, but it was announced in 2009 that instead of developing “Insurrection” into a full series, Paramount would be producing two new television series set in the J.J. Abrams reboot universe and the timeline established in “Star Trek”, with one following the adventures of a Federation starship.

Who can be seen in Star Trek: Strange new worlds?

Canby, Kimberley – A reference character from “Star Trek: Enterprise”.

Chang, Terry – One of the two lead characters, a former Vulcan officer, who engaged in espionage for the Terran Empire during its war with the Klingons. He was murdered by a hostile alien species living in the Gamma Quadrant.

Cooper, Brad – A Starfleet lieutenant commander and former Starfleet Academy classmate of Captain Pike. He died in his sleep while on assignment aboard the USS “Enterprise” around 2155.

What can we expect from Star Trek: Strange new worlds?

“Strange New Worlds” follows the crew of the original Discovery in the 20th century, who is transported to an alternate universe when their 20th-century ship is destroyed. 2016’s “Star Trek: Axanar”, an independent film in which a Klingon-Federation starship fights a war against the Federation, was made using elements from “Strange New Worlds”.

The show stars Terry Chen, Anson Mount, Keri Russell, and Rebecca Romijn. Critical reception for “Strange New Worlds” has been mixed. Gavin Hetherington of SpoilerTV, who had given the first season of Star Trek: Discovery a mixed review stated that while they felt “Strange New Worlds” was a “better written” series than Discovery “and offers more interesting ideas”, it was still not worth watching and labeled the series as a “pass”.

What are critics saying about Star Trek: Strange new worlds?

“Strange New Worlds,” tells the story of a Federation starship that is sent to an alternate reality by a mysterious explosion and must work with the crew of the original “Enterprise” to return home. Some of the main characters include Commander Terry Chen as Lt. Commander Katrina Cornwell, who is the ship’s chief medical officer and former captain of a war vessel for the Terran Empire.

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