The Mummy: Wasn’t as bad as you think

The Mummy

Egypt has always been famous for its many pharaohs, but in this film the title character is a mummy. An American archaeologist (Brendan Fraser) makes a daring journey deep into an ancient burial ground. He hopes to find an unknown treasure and achieve fame, but instead he finds a corpse wrapped in linen strips (the titular mummy).

The man takes the body with him as his employer’s representative, so they can get it taken care of and bring it back to America. They are stopped at the border when a doctor realizes that the specimen actually is not human and orders him to put it back where it came from. The man is willing to fight for his rights, but the battle is lost and the mummy will return to its tomb.

What is the Release date of The Mummy?

It was released in 22 July, 1999 in USA. The film was made with a budget of $80 million and it grossed over $415 million worldwide. The production team shot the film in Los Angeles, California, Mexico, Cairo and Honduras. The main characters are played by Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep.

Tom Cruise plays the villain in the form of Nick Morton. The movie was released on a good level of success, thanks to its good special effects, although some critics complained about it, saying that it was nothing more than a cheap action movie.

Who is the cast in The Mummy?

Brendan Fraser plays David Swift
Rachel Weisz plays Evelyn Carnahan
John Hannah plays Mortimer Snerd
Arnold Vosloo plays Imhotep
Val Kilmer as Nick Morton

The release of the film was delayed several times due to numerous problems. In May 1999, the release was pushed back to September 1999 because of trouble re-creating the special effects for the movie (it was thought that it would take too long and a deadline would not be reached).

What is the story of The Mummy?

The story of the movie takes place in Egypt and is about an archaeologist named David Swift (played by Brendan Fraser) who is part of a team that finds the body of an ancient ruler. When he touches it, he releases a curse, and he is turned into a zombie after being killed by another member of his team. From then on many more people become infected, and their only goal is to bring Imhotep back to life.

The movie focuses on the conflict between good and evil. The question is: can evil be defeated? Furthermore, it raises questions of how far one should go to bring life back into a person who is dead. Death and resurrection play an important role in the film, as the monster Imhotep’s goal is to bring back his love from death, who was killed by Mortimer Snerd (played by John Hannah).

The story also involves a romance between David and Evelyn, played by Rachel Weisz. Their relationship is more than just casual, and they eventually start a long-distance relationship that results in the birth of their daughter Lucy (played by Annabelle Wallis).

What are some reviews on The Mummy?

The film got an approval rating of 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is considered low. On Metacritic, there are also low scores, as the film holds a score of 51/100 from 14 critics. Nathan Rabin from The AV Club said that “The Mummy is a loony, non-stop action extravaganza that features about 150 special effects shots and almost as many plot holes”.

In 2000, it was nominated for three Razzie Awards: Worst Supporting Actress (Rachel Weisz), Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Actor (Brendan Fraser). There are several sequels to the film. The Mummy Returns was released in 2002, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008 and The Mummy in 2017.

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