Prince George’s County Teens Indicted for Attempted Murder on School Bus

Three teenagers, including the infamous “Baby K,” have been indicted for attempted murder due to a violent attack on a school bus in Prince George’s County. The incident occurred in May of this year, when the three teens boarded a school bus armed with a gun and a knife. They allegedly attacked several students on the bus, leaving one with serious injuries.


Details of the Indictment

The three teens, who are all minors, have been indicted on multiple charges, including attempted murder, assault, and weapons offenses. They are being charged as adults due to the severity of the alleged crimes. “Baby K,” whose real name is Kaden Holland, has been held without bond since his arrest in May. The other two teens, 14 and 15 years old, have also been held without bond.

Community Response and Next Steps

The attack on the school bus shocked the Prince George’s County community, and many are calling for justice. The school district has announced that it will be increasing security measures on school buses, including installing cameras and hiring additional security personnel. The community has also emphasized supporting the students and families affected by the incident.

As the case progresses, many hope for a fair and just outcome. The three teens will face serious charges, and the community will watch closely as the case unfolds. The incident has raised important questions about youth violence and the need for support and resources for at-risk youth. As the community comes together to address these issues, there is hope that positive change can be achieved.

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