Maryland girl pens bird guide for a cause

Xaviana Leis, from Edgewater, Maryland, is an 11-year-old girl and a philanthropist. She is not just an author; her thoughts had a purpose wherein she illustrated a guide to the birds of Maryland. She said that the money that would be raised against the sale of her books would go directly to a non-profit organization. It would rehabilitate the raptors that were injured. Megan Dombi-Leis, Xavi’s mom, said that her daughter started taking inspiration from birds after a speaker had visited her Girl Scout troop. That’s where she learned how birds also need help from humans.

Leis publishes her first book.

Xavi Leis finally had the first shipment of her book, the “Maryland Bird guide.” Leis even said that as fishing and pesticides harm the birds, this guide is all about how we can stop hurting them through our actions. She,e along with her mom,m have been working closely with the Owl Moon Raptor Center in Boyds, Maryland – a licensed rehabilitator transporting injured birds. Suzanne Shoemaker, the rehabilitator’s owner, says that she has been working with all varieties of birds, including hawks, eagles, and vultures, as each is essential for our ecosystem.

Shoemaker’s statement raced the enthusiasm in Lei.s

Shoemaker’s rehabilitation center talks about educating young people and encouraging their involvement in exercises such as helping out the birds. Shoemaker was happy to hear that the money raised from selling Xavi’s book would be donated to such a cause. Shoemaker was eager to learn that the sales had generated $5000 for Owl Moon. Xavi said that human voices could scare these birds, and they may harm themselves even more in the process. Her favorite bird is the bald eagle,e and she says that they are not just majestic, but she was touched to hear their story about how they became close to extinction in the 1960s. The “Maryland Bird Guide” is available at Vintage by the Bay, Wild Birds Unlimited, Caprichos Books, and Wild Birds Unlimited.

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