Police still in search of the highway killer

We are close to the first anniversary of Delonte Hicks of D.C. – the 29-year-old girl who had been shot and killed at the time driving a tow truck on Route 50 in Maryland. The Maryland State Police are releasing new video clips to the public revealing the incidents that occurred while he was killed. We still hope to see what tip gets generated regarding the arrest. Hicks was killed and shot on 19th March 2022 at around 5.45 PM, on Saturday. He was driving eastbound on Route 50 between the exits for Route 202 and 410 near the Veterans Parkway. As per the belief, Hicks had cut off the driver moments before the shooting, but police say they might not be aware of it. In the video, you would be witnessing the driver of a gray, fark-colored, perhaps a black 2018 or 2019 Hyundai Sonata. This vehicle seems to swerve around while Hicks passes to the right. Hicks went back into the right lane, and then a clip revealed that he was gesturing to the driver.

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A dashcam video revealing the actions

While Hicks made the gestures, the driver of the Sonata slowed down, and Hicks was seen to help, “I ain’t even see you.” It gets tough to make out the sentence through it. Next, he waved his hands out of the window and says, “alright, alright.” Multiple gunshots were fired from then, and then Hicks was seen to pull over on his shoulder, and then moaning out of pain. The car kept on rushing east on Route 50. The police are still investigating where the vehicle went then! Elena Russo, a spokesperson for Maryland State police, said, “Now that we know the model of the vehicle being a 2018 or 2019 Hyundai Sonata, we’re hoping maybe even a witness would remember seeing that vehicle now.” He added, “It’s unusual that we’ve got a case like this where we see the driver, we’ve got the picture of the driver, and nobody recognizes them. I know it’s not the best picture, but it’s a picture nonetheless.”

Police are still investigating the details of the vehicle.

From the video clips, it is pretty much evident that many cars were traveling in both directions while the shooting took place. Police are still making out the details of the car’s license plate number. Russo said, “Whether they noticed this was happening behind them or in front of them, hopefully, by putting out this video again and the pictures again, it may remind them of the incident, and they’ll have a little information that may help our investigators.” He added, “Any little tidbit of information could help get this investigation one step closer to finding who the suspect might be.” This case shows that no matter how agitated you are at the other driver on the road, showing it off will lead to bad outcomes and will do no good to anyone. So, the best possible thing that one may probably do is to ensure you have created a distance between both of your vehicles. “Human b” behavior is so unpredictable. Why take it for granted? You never know what somebody will do., This case is a tragic reminder of how important it is to practice courtesy towards other motorists and avoid dangerous behaviors.”
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