Gun Dealer Accused with Frederick County Sheriff Alleges Charges Stem from ‘Political Vindictiveness’

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Robert Justin Krop, a gun dealer indicted with Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins on federal charges of conspiracy and making false statements to acquire machine guns, has claimed that the charges against him are politically motivated. According to The Frederick News-Post, Krop’s lawyer filed a motion on Thursday claiming that the charges are based on “political vindictiveness” and that the government has not presented any evidence of wrongdoing.


Krop’s lawyer also claimed that the government is trying to pressure Krop into cooperating with their investigation into Sheriff Jenkins. The lawyer argued that the government was using the charges against Krop as leverage to force him to testify against the sheriff.

Indictment and Response

Krop and Sheriff Jenkins were indicted in April 2023 on charges related to illegally acquiring machine guns. According to NBC Washington, the indictment alleges that Krop’s business made more than $100,000 from renting out the machine guns in just two years. Both Krop and Sheriff Jenkins have denied the charges against them.

The case is still ongoing, and Krop’s motion claiming political vindictiveness is just one of many legal maneuvers likely to occur before the trial.

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