Police, family plead for assistance from public 3 months post Silver Spring man’s murder

The 29-year-old Nathaniel Potts’ family members remember the day police in Montgomery County, Maryland. The victim’s older brother William Potts said, “This was the nightmare that happened before Christmas.” The Montgomery County police rushed to the Summit Hills Apartment complex parking lot in Silver Spring just before a.m. on Dec. 2. That’s when they discovered Potts with a gunshot wound right on the head. Potts was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, the doctors could not save him. Potts further added that the day was very special to his brother, who was a budding singer at that time.

Potts was claimed to be murdered.

William Pottssaidsaidd said the day was remarkable for his brother, Nathaniel Pott,s who was 29 years old. However, he was found shot to death on 2Dec. 2, 2022. He said, “Somebody chose to murder my brother on his birthday.” He added, “We need justice for that and the community to help us.” Now, the police have been seeking help! They have elected several surveillance videos from the spot of the crime,e and the detectives are investigating the case. Det. Michael Kwarciany said that the leads are growing cold. He added, “This murder involves multiple suspects, not just the shooter. People talk. Some people undoubtedly have information, and we’d like to hear from them.”

A little more about Potts’s background

Potts has an aten0-year-old daughter,r, and according to his sister, Mardya Potts, the girl has many questions to ask! She added, “It’s the loss she doesn’t understand.” She said, “Someone that you talk to every day. He loved his daughter, and everyone knew that about him.”

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