Bowie State University to name theater after music legend Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick’s chart-topping musical career spans approximately six decades, and by now, she has garnered a slew of Grammys and various other awards in that time frame. She will be honored in a different way this month. The Bowie State University will unveil its performing arts center theater honoring her legacy, which is supposed to be the first performing arts venue post the music legend. Warwick said,

“For them to name the actual performing arts theater after me.” He added, “It’s quite overwhelming to be thought of as worthy of something of that nature.” Prince George’s County University has reached out to Warwick to ask if she would use her influence, experience, and big-name industry connections to instill a boost in its music department. However, Warwick has accepted the university’s invitation. She said, “They asked me to become a part of the university, and I agreed to be part of the music department and bring shows to the university.”
Warwick includes a special message for the young performers at the university for wanting the level of success and longevity that she had earned.

Warwick brings everything, including a special message for the university’s young performers. It would showcase the level of success and longevity she has made. She said, “Don’t quit.” It further added, “You have to stay in people’s faces. There will be a lot of ‘no’s.’ That goes with the territory. But what follows no is a yes. Stay on the path.” The students at Bowie State University will sing on the stage of the university’s performing arts Center theater soon. Warwick takes her advice at the age of 82 years, and her career is still going strong. She released a gospel song with country superstar Dolly Parton last month. It soon returned to the studio with her favorite ’70s soul band, Earth, Wind, and Fire. She said, “We decided, ‘Yeah, it’s time to do that.” She added, “We’re finally going to get into the studio together, and that has been my dream.”

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