Newly Filed Affidavit Reveals Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Prior Knowledge of Roy McGrath’s Controversial Severance Package.

Affidavit Reveals New Information

An affidavit filed in a lawsuit against the state of Maryland had shed new light on when and what former Governor Larry Hogan knew about the controversial severance package given to his former chief of staff, Roy McGrath.


The affidavit, filed by a former top Hogan aide, states that Hogan knew about the severance package in May 2020, months before it was publicly announced. The severance package, worth $238,000, was given to McGrath after he resigned from his position as head of the Maryland Environmental Service.

Controversial Severance Package

The severance package sparked controversy when it was revealed to the public in July 2020. Critics accused Hogan of using taxpayer money to reward a political ally. McGrath was a former campaign aide to Hogan and had worked for him for over a decade.

The affidavit, filed by former Hogan aide Amelia Chassé Alcivar, states that Hogan was aware of the severance package in May 2020. She said that she informed Hogan of the box during a meeting and that he expressed concern about the amount of the severance.

Chassé Alcivar also said Hogan’s office instructed her to keep the severance package confidential. She said she was told not to share the information with anyone, including other members of Hogan’s staff.

Response from Hogan

Hogan denied any wrongdoing and said he was not involved in the decision to give McGrath the severance package. He has also said that he did not know about the box until it was publicly announced in July 2020.

In a statement, Hogan said that he was “shocked and outraged” by the severance package and immediately ordered an investigation into the matter. He said he had no knowledge of the severance package until after it was publicly announced.

The lawsuit against the state of Maryland was filed by a group of taxpayers seeking to recover the money paid out in the severance package. The lawsuit alleges that the severance package was illegal and violated state law.

The Maryland Environmental Service, where McGrath worked, is a quasi-public agency that provides environmental services to the state of Maryland. The agency is funded by

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