Officers Arrest Baltimore Residents After Hours-Long Standoff Over BGE Work in Federal Hill

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  1. The Standoff
  2. The Arrests
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Baltimore police officers arrested several residents following an hours-long standoff over BGE work in Federal Hill. The incident began when BGE crews arrived to work on a gas line in the area.

The Standoff

According to witnesses, several residents confronted the BGE crew and refused to allow them to perform the necessary work. The situation quickly escalated, and police were called to the scene.

Upon arrival, officers attempted to negotiate with the residents to allow the BGE crew to continue their work. However, the residents refused to back down, leading to several hours of standoff.

The Arrests

After several hours, police were forced to act and arrested several residents involved in the confrontation. The residents were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing public work.

BGE has released a statement expressing their disappointment in the situation and emphasizing the importance of allowing their crews to perform essential work to maintain the community’s safety.

The incident remains under investigation, and BGE has stated that they will continue to work with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of their crews and the community.

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