Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin Sets Date to Announce Potential Senate Run Before Fourth of July!


Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin has announced that he will decide whether to run for the Senate before the Fourth of July. Raskin, a Democrat, has been considering a run for the seat currently held by retiring Senator Ben Cardin.

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Raskin’s Political Career

Raskin has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2017, representing Maryland’s 8th congressional district. He is a former constitutional law professor at American University and has served in the Maryland State Senate.

Raskin gained national attention in 2020 as one of the lead impeachment managers during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. He has been a vocal advocate for progressive causes, including voting rights and campaign finance reform.

The Senate Race

The race for Maryland’s Senate seat is expected to be highly competitive, with several high-profile Democrats and Republicans considering runs. Raskin would likely face a crowded primary field if he decides to run, but he would also be a strong candidate in the general election.

Maryland is a solidly blue state, but Republicans hope to gain in the 2024 election. The state’s other Senate seat, currently held by Democrat Chris Van Hollen, will also be up for election in 2024.

Raskin’s Decision

Raskin’s decision to run for the Senate will have major implications for Maryland politics and the balance of power in the Senate. If he decides to run, he would be a formidable candidate with a strong support base among progressives and Democrats.

However, Raskin has also been dealing with health issues in recent years. In 2020, he lost his son to suicide, and he has been open about his struggles with depression. He has also been undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

Despite these challenges, Raskin has remained active in Congress and has continued to be a vocal advocate for progressive causes. Political observers and Maryland residents will closely watch his decision to run for the Senate.

In conclusion, Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin’s announcement that he will decide whether to run for the Senate before the Fourth of July has set the stage for a potentially competitive and high-stakes race. Raskin’s decision will have significant implications for the balance of power in the Senate, and his candidacy would be vital if he decides.

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