50+ High school students from across the D.C. area gathered at RFK Stadium for the annual Electric Vehicle Grand Prix (EV Grand Prix)

Washington D.C. – On June 3, 2023, high school students from across the D.C. area gathered at RFK Stadium for the annual Electric Vehicle Grand Prix (EV Grand Prix). The event, a hands-on educational program for high schools in Washington D.C., Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia aims to promote STEM education and inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

This year’s competition featured electric vehicles built by the students, with 23 teams participating in the event. Electric motors and batteries powered the vehicles, and the students had to balance the car’s weight to ensure maximum efficiency and speed.

The competition was divided into the Sprint Race and the Endurance Race. In the Sprint Race, the vehicles raced around a short track, while in the Endurance Race, the cars had to complete as many laps as possible within a set time limit.

The event was a huge success, with hundreds of students, teachers, and parents in attendance. The cheers were loud at RFK Stadium, and the students were thrilled to see their hard work pay off. The event also allowed students to showcase their skills and creativity in designing and building electric vehicles.

The EV Grand Prix is just one example of the many initiatives being taken to promote STEM education in the United States. With the increasing demand for skilled workers in STEM fields, we must continue to invest in programs that inspire and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in electric vehicles, both in the United States and worldwide. Electric cars are considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. They are also becoming more affordable and accessible, thanks to advances in battery technology and government incentives.

The students who participated in the EV Grand Prix are at the forefront of this exciting new field. By designing and building their electric vehicles, they gain valuable skills and knowledge to prepare them for careers in the growing electric vehicle industry.

Overall, the 2023 Electric Vehicle Grand Prix was a great success and a testament to the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of the students who participated. As we look to the future, it is clear that electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role in our transportation system, and programs like the EV Grand Prix will continue to inspire and educate the next generation of innovators.

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