F-16s Intercept Private Aircraft in DC Airspace, Causing Sonic Boom Heard Across Maryland

F-16s Intercept Private Aircraft, Causing Sonic Boom

Residents across Maryland reported hearing a loud sonic boom on Sunday afternoon. It has been revealed that the cause was two F-16 fighter jets intercepting a private aircraft in DC airspace.

Maryland News

Officials Confirm No Threat to Public Safety

According to officials, the sonic boom was caused by the fighter jets breaking the sound barrier to intercept the private aircraft, which had entered restricted airspace. The plane was escorted to a nearby airport, and there was no threat to public safety.

Sonic Boom Causes Concern Among Residents

The loud noise caused by the sonic boom caused concern among residents, many of whom took to social media to report what they had heard. Some even reported feeling their homes shake as a result of the boom.

While sonic booms are not uncommon in the area due to the proximity of military bases and aircraft, they can be startling for those not used to them. Officials have reminded residents that while they may be loud and alarming, they are not a cause for concern and are a normal part of military operations.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of following restricted airspace rules and regulations and the vital role that military aircraft play in protecting the nation’s airspace.

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