Lodha Crown Dombivali Review

To say that Taloja Bypass Phata Dombivli is among the ideal locations to live in all of India is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. I knew this would be my last stop before completing my investigation. The first goal, which was to make a choice on where you would want to continue your education, was accomplished without too much trouble. It was difficult for me to find a lovely place to live that was also placed in a position that was handy for me to be near my school. It was tough to track one down. Thanks to my aim, which directed me toward Lodha Crown Dombivali, I ultimately acquired those units. In Lodha Crown Dombivali, you will have your own house that is cozy and inviting. 

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How I Discovered Lodha Crown Dombivli Project

To attend college in Taloja Bypass Phata Dombivli without my father’s authorization, I had to persuade myself that I could manage the freedom that was needed for me. As a consequence of this, he engaged in discussion with every one of his relatives and pals in an attempt to locate a warm and accepting neighborhood for me to relocate to.

Before carrying on with his search, he glanced about to see if he could see my brother, who had just relocated to the neighbourhood. He told me that he was already living there and that I should give relocating there serious thought since it offered everything I needed, notably the safety and comforts that I value the most. 

The Lodha Crown Dombivli Price and Amenities That I Adore

If you put enough money aside, you can purchase a magnificent property in a region with stunningly gorgeous green landscapes and large open stretches of land. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, this may be one of the options to explore. The cost of a condominium like this one varies from 39.89 Lacs to 56.99 Lacs. The price that I paid for mine was 40.5 lakhs of Indian rupees. The following are examples of amenities that fit within this category:

  • An impressive clubhouse that has a swimming pool, indoor gaming rooms, a gym, a library, a party space, and a community hall.
  • Play place for children that is both large and roomy to ensure that your children will continue to be active and boisterous.
  • A big, well-kept, and verdant garden for those leisurely evening strolls that you so like.
  • Near the well-regarded Lodha World School, which will ensure that your children have access to all the chances they are due.
  • A CCTV system with many layers to protect you and your loved ones from harm. 
  • Medical facilities are on-site, which may be used for both urgent care and routine checkups.

3 Compelling Reasons to Buy Property at Lodha Crown Dombivali

1. Location Advantages 

Lodha Crown Dombivali is where you need to go if you want to locate the ideal home since it fulfils all your requirements in every way. Lodha Crown Dombivali is an excellent spot to reside for families who wish to send their children to famous schools without having to sacrifice an excessive amount of time on the job. The location of the property provides a variety of possible advantages, some of which are mentioned further down in this article.

  • The bus stops at Pagdya Pada, and Shiv Mandir are just a minute or two and a half to three minutes apart, while the Posari bus stop is within 13 minutes of walking distance.
  • Within twenty-one to twenty-three minutes, one may get to both the Narivali and Nilje train stations.
  • Both Cintella Health and the AIMS Diagnosis Centre may be reached in between 6 and 9 minutes by car.
  • The Lodha School Crown and the Lodha World School are only two to five minutes away, in addition to several other highly regarded educational institutions.
  • Within a radius of two to ten minutes, one may reach several retail centres as well as supermarkets.

2. Amenities That I Love

My loved ones were pleased with the residential apartments because of their excellent ventilation, gorgeous architecture, and refined aesthetics. The apartment complex is located in a convenient area that makes it possible to reach various services and amenities with relative ease.

3. Reputed Builder 

The Lodha Group is recognized as one of the first and most successful real estate developers in the nation. The company has been in the construction business for more than four decades. It is committed to delivering quality in the form of residential complexes, commercial buildings, and many other real estate tasks. It is responsible for the development of some of the most impressive projects in India.

I have worked in Dombivli for many years and now that I have a home here, I could not be happier! When I was searching for properties in Mumbai, I looked for many verified listings on NoBroker.in which also had details such as the RERA number of the project. If you are actively looking for homes to buy in Mumbai, I would highly recommend visiting NoBroker.in before you head out to check the sites. 

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