What If Our Waking Moments Are Really Asleep?

The universe is unfathomable to the human mind. Its infinite depth defies comprehension. Our perception of the great unknown is largely a fabrication of our imagination. The profundity of philosophical questions about our place in the universe is humbling. Our musings are permutations of generational wisdom and otherworldly analysis. It is precisely this juncture where an ethereal realm nestles our waking world. Lines become blurred. Fact and fiction collide. 

Reality and dreamscapes meld into an enchanting escapade of perception. If everything is energy, then there are no limits to our experiences. When metaphysical elements broach our physical space, they deliver particle matter from otherworldly realms. Often, the seamless flow being channeled through vessels is summarily dismissed. But we now know better. Like an electrical charge traveling through a conducting material, energy travels through the space-time continuum.

In the interdimensional realms of human existence, we encounter different levels of consciousness. As human beings, we are either asleep, awake or in between. But what if there was some sort of inversion in our understanding of these states? What if our experience of being awake was the construct of our sleeping minds? 

What if human consciousness and universal energies could convince us that what feels real is the handiwork of a sleeping mind – a somnolent state? Reality is what our collective senses can feel, hear, touch, see, and smell. But all of that is controlled by the mind. Truthfully, we wouldn’t know the difference if a sleeping mind experienced all these things masquerading as reality.

Where to Find the Answers?

Many people are turning to the paranormal, psychic arena for answers. Deep questions need answers, and the human mind isn’t always capable of understanding trans dimensional concepts that we cannot fathom with certainty. Fortunately, professional psychic readings fill the void between the known and the unknown. 

As we attempt to unlock the mysteries of the universe and the elements that bind us, sometimes we need a little assistance. For most people, interactions with psychics are limited to earthly challenges, interpersonal matters, relationship issues, career prospects, and other day-to-day concerns.

Professional readings are undertaken by skilled psychics with extensive knowledge of channeling energy flows. Everything is energy, don’t forget. While we cannot wrap our heads around it with any degree of certainty, there is a divide between our perception of time, matter, and reality on earth and those self-same concepts in the universe. 

A psychic reading is energy-based. Some psychics connect better with their subjects than others. Experience is the dividing line in this regard. These readings are nothing new. They date back to ancient civilizations. People with heightened awareness and intuitive abilities were sought out for their incredible insights.

Energy Dimensions in the Space-Time Continuum

We speak of ethereal dimensions – spiritual and energy realms – where oracles, shamans, and the divine reign supreme. Messages deemed cryptic by the rest of us are easily deciphered through a codex of understanding buried deep within the constructs of the psychic’s mind. Throughout the ages, the art of psychic readings took many interesting twists and turns. Spiritualists emerged in the 19th century.

These mediums have a unique ability to communicate with the dead. The raison d’être for a spiritual reading is closure, peace of mind, and understanding. Naturally, psychic readings are met with a great degree of skepticism in the scientific community. As a species, we are inherently critical of what we do not understand. Many are quick to dismiss the power of psychic readings as chicanery or malarkey. But a growing number of people sees tremendous value in these readings.

The human mind and the human experience are in lockstep with the cultural zeitgeist of the time. Enter the advent of mentalists who combine psychology, psychic ability, and hypnosis in a dazzling ensemble of energy ingenuity. If it is indeed possible to tap into the unknown through energy interplay, dynamism, and connectivity, connecting all energy sources through the same conduction network is possible. A typical electrical circuit requires conductive material such as copper as a pathway for electrons to flow. But the pathway required for energy flows is the universe itself. It’s certainly food for thought…

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