Josh Made in India Short Video App best Tik Tok alternative

Josh is said to be India’s best “Made in India” short videos app. It will let you enjoy the most viral & trending short videos in your own language. You can watch anytime anywhere, and that’s the best thing about this app. Also, you can find and share the best videos with your friends and family in seconds through this application. 

Josh app Best Short videos app:

After Tik Tok got banned, Josh is coming up with the trend so that you can still share short videos and share it with your contacts. The fun still remains! It will make it easy for you to discover as well as help you make your own awesome videos. It allows you to capture amazing and memorable moments to share with everyone. The app comes with a personalized feed especially for you. This feed will be based on what you watch, like, and share. 

Besides, Josh app quickly adapts to your taste just like Instagram and Facebook and accordingly, it will offer you with the most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you are going to love! 

It also lets you upload your own videos at an easy tap of your finger in just a couple of seconds. With good content, you can become a star and achieve a huge fan following. You can even make new friends and follow your favorite stars to make sure you never miss their videos. Just like Tiktok, you can now become famous by getting official shoutouts too! People get to know you for creating the best profiles and interesting videos viral all across India.

Features of Josh app:

  1. It allows you to watch trending Videos
  2. It allows you to watch Entertainment Videos
  3. It gives you the provision to watch funny videos
  4. You can even get to see Video Songs
  5. You can put videos on WhatsApp Status
  6. You will have the privilege to watch Glamourous Dance Videos, as well as, get to see cute & Funny Pets Videos

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