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Best Android SMS Apps 2020 Review


Most of them will prefer to enjoy text messages or communicating. However, the default app available on the device will not deliver the service quality you deserve. There are numerous third-party SMS or messaging apps for Android users available across the online marketplace. It will assist you to get in touch with your family members, relatives, or friends from anywhere. You might not know how to choose the best one from the wide range of collections. 

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The SMS app you choose should depend on your preferences or requirements. Some of the messaging apps will provide security and privacy by their design. At the same time, others will support broader communication to provide additional support like video and audio calling. Apart from your suggestion, you can find below the list of best Android SMS apps for your reference:

Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS app is one of the latest SMS apps for Android users and provides extremely excellent options. You can utilize numerous features such as complete MMS service, schedule message sending, group chat service, and many more. While purchasing the Professional (Pro) version, you can get other features like auto-forwarding, auto-responder, SMS blocklisting, etc. 

Depending on your preference, at any event, you can copy the information to restore the same on a new device. This process is known as Backup and Restore. This SMS app will offer some widgets along with some features that are identical to the Facebook Messenger app.


  • Backup & Restore
  • Auto-forwarding
  • Auto-responder
  • Complete MMS support


  • Earlier, some users reported about the Professional version.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is the most popular messaging app, similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, hangouts, and many others. It includes end-to-end encryption and is most favorable for users who prefer to choose security. The working process of this app will utilize the phone number system, and anyone can contact you without an app. The system can easily recognize people and send or forward Text (SMS) messages

It appears fantastic with the help of its material design and is also straightforward to utilize. Without any in-app purchases, users can use all of the app’s features for free. Moreover, it is an open-source and also supports group chat conversations. This is one of the most popular and the best SMS & Texting Apps for Android.


  • Group chats
  • In-app purchases are not available
  • End-to-End encryption


  • They are prone to Cyber-attacks
  • Encrypted messaging programs

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is another of the best Android SMS apps available across the online marketplace. They offer some basic features like emojis, theming, MMS, etc. Apart from that, you can block spam SMS or messages, utilize dark mode, and many more features. The Professional version of Mood Messenger will charge around $10.99. Some attractive features are a privacy security locker, more creative themes, SMS encryption, and backup & restore. The expensive Pro version is optimistic about offering the complete experience of utilizing this SMS app.


  • Backup
  • Spam Filtration
  • Privacy Locker
  • Dark Mode


  • The professional version is expensive.


QKSMS is also one of the best SMS apps for Android users. This app will provide an attractive & clean material design and numerous exciting features to use. It includes a few of them, like night mode, Android Wear support, numerous creative themes, and others. It is an open-source app and allows users to utilize all the available features within the trial (free) version. Moreover, the in-app purchases are also accessible without any payment requirement.


  • Convenient & effective Android Wear support
  • The app offers the notification setting on per-conversation
  • Without accessing the app, you can reply to the SMS or messages


  • Only limited features

Mighty Text

Mighty Text is another free SMS app that instantly syncs messages with your web interface, tablet, and Android phone. The app will enable the option to receive or send MMS or SMS from your desktop (PC) or tablet. You can receive the notifications from your computer or mobile phone. Some of the features are sending apps, images, and web pages to your mobile phone, scheduling messages, and many more. You are always free to utilize the standard version, but you need to upgrade to the Pro version by subscribing for $5/month.


  • Easy sharing of images & videos from your Android phone
  • Instance Sync
  • It is much easier to schedule messages.
  • Great & effective Gmail plug-in


  • Accessible to the entire app’s features only by using the Pro version

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS app will automatically sync SMS to all devices, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The app will allow you to customize the options and numerous sound effects, GIFs, and themes to use. Some additional features include advanced search for messages & contacts, delayed SMS sending, and spam blocking. The exclusive feature of this SMS app will allow the user to personalize each & every message conversation for free.


  • Excellent user interface with material design
  • Delayed messages
  • Numerous options are available for customization.


  • Adequate support is lacking

Textra SMS

Textra SMS app will provide the first Android SMS app to clinch by accessing the new material design. The fashionable & crisp dark theme can allow users to utilize numerous customizable color accents. Some additional features are a robust emoji database, 21 text sizes, GIFs, blacklisting, SMS scheduling, and SMS blocking. You are always free to utilize the standard version, but you need to upgrade to the Pro version by subscribing for $2.89/month.


  • Minimalist and Clean design
  • Highly customizable
  • One of the most popular Android SMS apps for blocking SMS or text messages


  • It is not possible to schedule messages
  • The free version will include some advertisements

Google Messenger

Google Messenger is another topmost and the best Android SMS app available across the online marketplace. It offers high-end features to provide an exceptional text messaging experience. The app offers free text and an eye-catching design to use. Some other features are sharing your location, blocking SMS, taking photos, and sending audio recordings. This is one of the best Google-Fi Text Messaging or SMS apps.


  • Outstanding group texts or SMS when compared with other apps
  • Auto backup feature for all SMS or text messages.
  • Archive messages


  • Overcomplicate things while utilizing inappropriate qualities of hangouts.
  • The SMS scheduling feature is not available


WhatsApp will provide a perfect balance of security, convenience, and features. With its distinctive feel and look, this app will support video messages, photos, videos, and also basic text chats. For a group chat, only 256 participants are allowed to join the group. The end-to-end encryption feature will secure the entire message that was sent through this app platform.


  • If anything goes wrong, you will receive a notification or alert
  • This app will allow an International messaging feature
  • Robust security settings


  • Without the assistance of a third-party app, web texting is not possible.
  • Not a completed open-source app

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is one of the oldest and classic texting apps available across the online platform. This app will provide the next-gen texting features for Android-powered mobile devices. Handcent Next SMS was recently updated to offer a new material design with a modern & fresh appeal. Some outstanding features are group texts, password protection, theme support, built-in spell-checking, and many others. Users can back up their SMS or text messages, make free internet calls, and send e-cards. You are always free to utilize the standard version, but you need to subscribe to payment for the Pro version.


  • Numerous stickers and emojis to use
  • The app allows users to pin their favorite contacts for instant messaging
  • Make use of a unique pre-set code for accessing the privacy box


  • It is not accessible to utilize the Pro version.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is another messaging app available from the early days and is more popular for numerous reasons. Users can easily customize the app by using various free skins or themes. The wide range of databases will include Twitter emojis, iOS, Emoji One, and Android. Some advanced features are blacklisting, backup, senders SMS scheduling, passcode app lock, privacy options, and many others.


  • This is a free SMS app to use
  • It includes the blacklisting feature to use
  • Highly customizable


  • Free international messaging is not available.
  • Both recipient and sender must install this app on their devices


You can find numerous of the best Android SMS apps available across the online marketplace for text message features. However, the features and functionalities may vary depending on the service providers. Users can refer to the above article to choose the perfect app for their text messaging or SMS.

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