Facebook in collaboration with Google lays down undersea cables to connect Indonesia, Singapore and North America

Morningside Maryland News : The tech giant Facebook is going to strengthen the internet connectivity in the regions of Indonesia, Singapore and North America. It has come up with an ambitious project in that regard that is spreading of undersea cables by collaborating with Google along with regional telecommunication companies. 

The cables have already been named “Echo” and “Bifrost” which will be laid down through a diverse route while crossing Java Sea. The cables will bring North American to Indonesia in direct connectivity and it will naturally strengthen the network for various reasons across the two belts. 

The project ‘Echo’ is going to be completed by 2023 as the collaboration is done with Indonesia’s telecommunications company XL Axiata and Alphabet’s Google. 

While another cable wire namely “Bilfrost” is partnering with Indonesian based subsidiary company Telkomsel and Singaporean centric company namely Keppel which will take a year later to complete that is by 2024. 

Indonesia has become one of the specific countries which bring lots of business for the Tech giants as it is understandably one of the top five markets for Facebook around the globe.         The project is in direct relation to cater the growing requirements which has risen considering the heavy usage of Facebook across the regions of the country. It will bring a profound change to the current requirement where the undersea cables is seen as a long term solution for the tech giant who has always stood out for strengthening its services and has been working on war footing to accomplish the growing demands in different parts of the world. 

It is true that 270 million people who are close to 73 percent in Indonesia are online where a big part of the population refers the social media sites through mobile data.  Talking about the percentage of people who have broadband connection, well they constitute only 10%. The research has been a part of the survey which was done by the Indonesian Internet Providers Association 2020.

Besides bringing better connectivity, the project will brings lots of untouched areas which will light the lives of those who are desirous of connecting with people across the world. 

Since, a big part of the country is still without internet connection, therefore there has understandably grown a rising demand of taking such ‘secluded’ areas in its purview so as to create a welcoming change while for Facebook, it is certainly going to bring increasing business. 

Last year, Facebook has already announced about the ambitious project where it will laid down 3,000 km of metro fiber which will cover whopping twenty cities of Indonesia as this was done in view of strengthening public Wi-Fi hotspots. 

 Considering the shortest possible period where the work is expected to complete, it is going to be done on war footing. The ambitious project will bring lots of new areas in its purview and will naturally become a potential market for the tech giants by bringing more users. 

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