Great Weapon Master 5e: Things To Know Before You Start PLaying!

Great Weapon Master 5e is an integral part of the world of D&D. If you get this weapon master, it implies that you are adept at the way of handling its weight so that the momentum gained enriches the strikes that you make. 

By doing so, you get the right to make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action. This happens only when you score a critical hit by using a melee weapon or diminish a creature as low as to reach 0 hit points with one. You also get the liberty to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. +10 is added to the damage of the attack once the attack hits its target. 

Let’s look at the basic aspects that you need to know while using the Great Weapon Master 5E. 

Is Great Weapon Master Good 5e? 

Great Weapon Master 5E is actually good because the main attack from your side will be a great one while using this weapon master over +2 Str as long as you are reaching the mark of a 9 or more. Better damage can be obtained using Great Weapon Master whenever you attack a creature with AC 15 or 18 or further, worse in case you Sacred Weapon activated. The lower the damage is, the better the Great Weapon Master is. 

How Do You Get Great Weapon Master Feat 5e? 

You can get Great Weapon Master Feat 5e whenever you succeed in scoring a critical hit by using a melee weapon. The other conditions for activating the weapon include reducing the targeted creature to 0 hit points with one. Then only you can make 1 melee weapon attack in the form of bonus action. 

How Do You Use Great Weapon Master 5e? 

The factors that lead to the activation of Great Weapon Master 5e result in your access to it so that you can use it. You can make the attack only if you have not already exhausted a bonus action. Whenever you succeed in reducing a creature to 0 hp, Great Weapon Master gets activated. The feat of GMW can be used by anyone having any skills or belonging to any class or race. 

Can You Chain Great Weapon Master? 

Chaining attacks is actually not possible. Whenever you kill a creature, you get a chance to make another second attack. This is what most users think. But in reality, it is not so. The attack can be made only if you have not used a bonus action in this turn. 


Great Weapon Master 5e is a beneficial tool that helps you in making attacks towards your targeted creature. Once you fulfill the conditions of attaining it, you will be empowered with the GMW. You get to destroy your enemies quickly with the Great Weapon Master 5e in your hand. Play well to activate your weapon and start crushing creatures. All the best!

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