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2 Best Tarot Cards To Get in a Love Reading

The love reading is a unique tarot spread that funnels the query in the direction of relationships, love, sex, or other related topics. There are a few ways to achieve it, but the most popular methods all revolve around a multiple of three. They also tend to be small spreads, so nine card spreads are as large as they tend to get. For a simple query about a new person entering your life, the spread may be as small as three cards. The more complex and long-term the relationship issue, the more often psychic tarot card readings require a big spread. Small or large, there are a couple cards that are always great signs in a reading.

The Lover

The lover is the soulmate card in relationship readings. As one of the major arcana, its trump status brings a combination of spiritual and emotional force to the reading. While the card does not always signify new relationships in general readings, in a focused love reading it is a signifier of one of the two most intense types of relationships. Other characteristics the card brings to any reading that make it especially good for a love reading include:

  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Attraction
  • Synergistic power

These traits are all traits that point to a soulmate when the card is in the position on the spread where it signifies a person other than yourself. If it is in a place other than that, it could be a sign you are headed toward a choice that involves your soulmate but that person is not on the scene yet. Accurate psychic readings will also point out that it could be a sign that the relationship is so well-balanced it is nearly as strong as your soulmate bond.

The Empress

This card is one of the strongest cards for indications of femininity and motherhood. It is also one of the major arcana, and in the tradition of the Fool’s Journey, it plays the role of the mother for the protagonist, imparting those specific lessons that a feminine parental figure and nurturer imprints on a child. In a love reading, it is an indicator of a committed, stable relationship. Since it is a sign of good sex, pregnancy, and commitment, this card is often taken as an indicator that someone would make a good spouse or co-parent.

Drawing Both Cards in a Love Reading

While cards often lend parts of their definitions and traits to a reading without embodying their full and most obvious meaning, drawing both of these cards is almost always read as a situation involving compatibility with a soulmate. The reinforcing traits around emotional stability, establishing a family together, and sexual connection added to the strong indicators of a soulmate-level connection make readings that turn both cards exceptionally powerful. The fact that they are both major arcana also reinforces the spiritual aspect of the love reading, which the best psychics online take as a strong indicator the most important relationships in your life are in play.

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