A Weapon of Hope- Here’s What You Need to Know About Gaming!

A Weapon of Hope is the path of adventure you need to embark on to get your hands on the Lumina Hand Cannon. In Destiny 2, Lumina Hand Cannon is an exotic, unique weapon that you need to finish off the entire game of Weapon of Hope. It is crucial to spend time chalking out the objectives and completing all the six steps of the quest. Each step is replete with daunting tasks. On the completion of each step, the user gets awarded helpful bonuses and rewards. Keep reading to know more about the navigation of the Lamina Quest Walkthrough. 

What Is The Weapon Of Hope? 

A Weapon of Hope is a highly lengthy and arduous quest to reach the goal of obtaining the Lumina in Destiny 2. It comes with 6 main chapters or events. These include:

  • A fateful gift
  • Bearer of evil’s past
  • Rose, revealed
  • Fireteam leader
  • Strength in numbers
  • Bloom 

The users have to traverse completely on this exotic journey to get the powers of healing their allies and introduce utilities to the team that would not otherwise have been possible by a full-damage build. 

How Do You Complete The Weapon of Hope Quest? 

Completing the Weapon of Hope Quest is not an easy task. A detailed plan along with proper tools contribute towards the successful completion of the quest. Here are some tips for you that you can follow to emerge victoriously:

  • After traveling to the EDZ and reaching the Salt Mines, the guardians must find the teleporter from the ultimate warehouse. 
  • Guardians would now have to cross the cliff, enter the campsite, and take a couple of quest steps. 
  • In the quest step of ‘A Fateful Gift,’ the guardians have to take up the challenge of tracing the actual location of Thorn. After a series of adventurous acts, the next quest step of ‘Bearer of Evil’s Step’ will be obtained. 
  • In the new quest, the guardians have to work towards producing 25 orbs of light. By seeking assistance from other players, they will be able to access the Rose Legendary Hand Cannon. 
  • The next step involves securing a score of above 50,000 and facing the groups of superpowers during the encounter. 
  • Once the guardians complete the Nightfall, they will have to finish the tasks all over the solar system with the canon of Rose gained earlier. 
  • The last step involves completing the ‘Strength in Numbers’ quest. Once you accomplish the set objectives, a series of acts are to be performed. These include defeating Xol, Will of the Thousands, and the boss. Now, you can lay your hands on the boss chest that shelters the Lumina hand cannon. 

How Many Steps Are There In A Weapon Of Hope? 

In A Weapon of Hope, there are 6 steps that the user has to complete. 

What Activities Count For Rose? 

To get the Rose, the players have to perform the activity of finishing a Nightfall of Strike with over 50,000 points. Then they have to face and win the battles with the Blind Well, Black Armory Forges, and Escalation Protocol. 


A Weapon of Hope is an exciting yet challenging game. The players have to complete lots of difficult tasks with the help of co-players. If you wish to play solo, goals can be achieved, but things become even more challenging. Focus on the objectives and play the game. All the Best!

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