Buds Gun Shop Death

As the name of the shop suggests, buds gun shop sells guns, ammunition, and accessories. Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, the gun shop and shooting range in the past year has been exposed to different gun abuse instances. buds gun shop death was had the shop closed for many days. 

What happened at buds gun shop?

In 2019, there was an unfortunate instance that had occurred in the buds gun shop. Someone in the shooting range was found dead, and this left the shop in a genuine shock. The police and the emergency crew came to the spot as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the police later confirmed that the person had killed themselves, and the person dead was not identified. 

The shop released a press statement soon after the death that “On behalf of our entire company, I wish to express how deeply saddened we are and offer our sincere condolences to the person’s family,” 

Buds gun shop was also related to a mass shooting incident in 2015 in San Bernardino. When the FBI seized items from the shooter’s house, they found a receipt from Buds gun shop. However, these receipts did mention what was purchased. 

Soon, many allegations started to surround the buds gun shop. The co-owner Rex McClanahan told the Wall Street Journal that some items were sold to Syed Farook, his wife, Tashfeen Malik, who were the ones who shot 14 people and injured many in that incident. However, Rex denied sharing the information about what they bought, but be assured that it was not a gun. 

Rex said, “For those following the media circus around the San Bernardino killings, we did not sell any guns to the suspects. There have been reports that a receipt for guns purchased from Budsgunshop.com was found in the now-deceased suspects home. “

Why is Buds Guns So Cheap?

The price of guns at Bud’s shop is directly related to the amount of stock they have. The more stock they have of their firearms, the cheaper they will be available. As customers, it is possible to save plenty of money if the concept behind this was understood. 

Why Does Buds Gun Shop Take So Long To Ship?

Buds shop stores their guns in different warehouses, and hence it takes them a long time to assemble a particular. However, they do try to make their deliveries within seven business days. If you order handguns, then they tend to get delivered faster than the long guns. 

Does Buds Gun Shop Do Trade-Ins?

Yes, Buds does do trade-ins. According to their website, once you have your desired firearm in your mind, “add to your cart and select the “Trade with Gurney” link at the top and fill in required information. **Trades are always “pending inspection by Buds” before a confirmation is emailed to you to proceed with purchase.”

Although buds gun shop death had a major setback on the shop, they still remain as one of the trusted guns stores. However, Buds obviously needs to take more severe measures in order to avoid any mishaps. 

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