Sally Hansen Miracle Gel : All That You Need To Know For Wearing It Right

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a manicure gel of the top brand in the US. The nail polishes are resistant to chipping. If the nails encounter stone abrasion or clash with any other rough surface, your nail polish will stay intact. It comes with patented technology to ensure you get to flaunt your beautiful nails for a prolonged period. If you haven’t used it, you may consider giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed! Let’s see how it works and its mode of application. 

How Long Does It Take For Sally Hansen Miracle Gel To Dry? 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel doesn’t demand a great deal of your time. Start with applying two or three coats of the nail color gel and then top it with one coat of the matte top polish of Sally Hansen gel. Just spare five minutes of your time for the gel to get dried. Yes, it is that easy!

How Do You Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel? 

Using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is way too easy and does not involve any sort of complications. You can have a grasp of the ways of gel application from the steps listed out below: 

  • The first and foremost step involves cleaning your nails of dirt, washing it, and ensuring that it is dry before applying it. 
  • Sweep away the dirt remnants or previous color residue on your nail using a nail polish remover. 
  • Start with applying two coats of miracle gel color on your nail. 
  • Let the nail polish dry up by keeping it for 5 minutes or so. 
  • Lastly, apply one coating of miracle gel topcoat as a topping. You can easily remove it by using any nail polish remover. 

Do You Need To Cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel? 

If you are using UV gels, all of these will be cured automatically when exposed to daylight. However, a UV lamp must check if each layer gets adequately cured, starting from the nail bed towards the topcoat. Always remember that the right way of curing is crucial as uncured gels are toxic by nature. However, the topcoat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel was prepared so that you won’t need any UV lamp for nail curing. 

Can I Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat With Regular Polish? 

You can obviously use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat along with regular polish. It is durable and can stay intact for as long as six days. The best part is that you won’t have to be restrictive in performing your daily chores. You can easily go ahead with your hobby, wash and clean or come in frequent contact with water without any change in the nail color. 


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the best option to get a salon-like effect on your nails while staying in the comfort space of your home. With the availability of various enchanting nail shades, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the perfect option for you. Manicure has been made easier with Sally Hansen, and you don’t even have to step out of your house. Isn’t that great? 

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