Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Maryland’s New Gun Control Law

A federal judge in Maryland has temporarily blocked the state’s new gun control law from going into effect just days before it was set to take effect. The law, passed earlier this year, would have required background checks for all private gun sales and transfers in the state.

The judge’s ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by gun rights advocates, who argued that the law violated their Second Amendment rights. The judge agreed, stating that the law was “likely unconstitutional” and that the plaintiffs had shown a “likelihood of success on the merits of their claim.”

The ruling is a significant victory for gun rights advocates, who have been fighting against the law since it was first proposed. They argue that the law would have made it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns and would not have done anything to prevent gun violence.

Maryland Governor Vows to Fight Back Against Ruling

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has vowed to fight back against the judge’s ruling, saying that the law is “common sense” and that it would have helped to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental health issues.

“We’re going to fight this ruling with everything we’ve got,” Hogan said in a statement. “This law is common sense, and most Marylanders support it. We won’t let a handful of gun rights advocates stand in the way of keeping our communities safe.”

The governor’s office has already filed an appeal of the judge’s ruling, and is expected to continue to push for the law’s implementation. However, it is unclear how long the legal battle will last, or whether the law will ultimately be upheld.

In the meantime, gun rights advocates celebrate the judge’s ruling as a victory for the Second Amendment. “This is a great day for gun owners in Maryland,” said one advocate. “We’ve been fighting against this law for months, and now we’ve finally been vindicated.”

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