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The Black Phone Movie Release Date, Plot & Star Cast

With the release date for the Black Phone movie now finalized, the studio has released the first teaser trailer. The film is set to be starring Tyler Perry as the main character and will be directed by Lisa Raye. It tells the story of a woman who must escape from an abusive relationship with her husband, but her family’s ties keep them close. To save herself and her daughter, she must make a difficult decision that may haunt her forever.

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What is the release date of the black phone?

“The Black Phone” is coming to the theater on January 28, 2022.

In past years, studios often used January and February to release films that did not do well in reviews. However, streaming distribution has made it easier for movies to be shown. There are not as many theater releases anymore. Movies can also appear on Netflix or other places. This can sometimes lead to problems because some movies are wrong and will be put on the streaming platform anyway. Even Blumhouse has made a movie that is straight to Amazon.

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The first reviews of “The Black Phone” were all good. But they will change when more people who are not from Fantastic Fest see the film.

So far, it has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. And it is not like the Forever Purge. That does not make money.

If Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, the movie’s distributor, keep “The Black Phone” in movie theaters for a long time, they must be confident in it. If it does well at the box office, they may extend its time in theaters. But if it goes the way of “Forever Purge” and Blumhouse’s “Freaky,” it should be available on VOD after three weeks.

What is the plot of the black phone?

The “Black Phone” is not unique. It does not cost more than other phones. It is like a credit card: You can use it to make legal purchases, but you should only do illegal things if you have it.

“The Black Phone” is a movie based on a story by Joe Hill. He is the son of Stephen King. He has written many books and comics, some of which have been made into movies or TV shows, such as “Horns,” “NOS4A2,” and “Locke & Key.”

The Black Phone' CinemaCon Footage Reveals Ethan Hawke as a Mask-Wearing  Part-Time Magician Who Kidnaps and Murders Children - Bloody Disgusting
Source: Bloody

A 13-year-old boy was locked in a soundproof basement by a child killer. The child killer had previously killed other children.

The boy’s name is Finney. He gets lost in the 1970s. His sister wears period clothes (high-waisted jeans, a turtleneck t-shirt, boots).

The person who took Finney has a mask. Tom Savini and Jason Baker from Callosum Studios designed it. His name is wrong on many levels, but they call him the Grabber.

Who will be starring in it

Ethan Hawke is in a movie about a family. The person’s name is Gwen. Mason Thames plays her brother, Finney. Jeremy Davies plays their father, Mr. Shaw.

The actor, James Ransome, played the part of “Deputy So & So” in a movie with Ethan Hawke. He is in another film with him now.

Jason Blum, the producer of many scary movies, said that “The Black Phone” is the scariest movie he has ever worked on. That’s a lot of praise! This movie is creepy. Ethan Hawke from Sinister and others from that movie are in this one. Scientists say it’s the scariest movie ever.

“The Black Phone” has already premiered at Fantastic Fest 2021. It is not in theaters, but it is coming soon. “The Black Phone” is a movie you can see if you didn’t go to Austin, Texas, for the festival. Below this sentence are all the details about “The Black Phone.”

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