Catching litterbugs in the Prince George’s County

Litterbugs are being caught right at the heart of Prince George’s County in Maryland. The act of dumping, trashing, and polluting it using the new convert cameras is all up! The local leaders have complained about the litter and the outright removal of waste and bulk trash. The Prince George’s County Department of the Environment had purchased new cameras through a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. Tiaa Rutherford, the Litter Reduction Program Manager, also known as the County’s Litter Czar, said, “You’re not going to spot them at all, in the daytime nor the night.” The County further described the cameras as “advanced” in usage.

Maryland News

Rutherford’s statement recorded

Rutherford said, “They’re 24 hours. They’re not as sensitive as our other cameras are, so the technology will help us see very clearly, persons and vehicles that are being used in the commission of an environmental crime.’ Also, the cameras were mobile and capable of working amidst all the conditions to capture the license plates. They would even work in poorly lit locations. Rutherford further added, “We’re really after those big offenders.”

The inception of the usage of the new cameras

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks stated that county residents “are tired of seeing mattresses, couches, and other items dumped along our roads and communities. By deploying these advanced mobile surveillance cameras, we are adding another tool to help us hold people accountable and keep our County clean and beautiful.” Prince George’s County Department of the Environment Director Andrea Crooms said, “These systems will enable us to issue fines and convict dumpers.”

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