#BoycottFoxNews is trending on Twitter; what happened?

Fox News lawyers have reportedly contacted Tucker Carlson, accusing him of breaching his contract by launching his show on Twitter. Carlson, recently fired from Fox News, has been hosting a new show on the social media platform since his departure.


According to sources, Fox News lawyers sent a letter to Carlson’s legal team, stating that his show on Twitter violates the non-compete clause in his contract with the network. The clause reportedly prohibits Carlson from hosting a show on any other web or platform for a certain period after leaving Fox News.

The letter also reportedly accuses Carlson of using Fox News resources to produce his Twitter show, which would violate his contract.

Carlson Responds to Accusations

Carlson has responded to the accusations, stating that he believes he is within his rights to host a Twitter show and has not violated his contract with Fox News.

In a statement, Carlson’s legal team said, “We believe that Mr. Carlson is free to host a show on any platform he chooses, and we are confident that we will be able to resolve this matter with Fox News amicably.”

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The statement also denied the allegations that Carlson had used Fox News resources to produce his Twitter show, stating that the show is entirely independent and has no affiliation with Fox News.

The dispute between Carlson and Fox News comes after Carlson was fired from the network in a stunning move earlier this year. Carlson, one of the network’s most popular hosts, had been with Fox News for over a decade.

The firing came after a series of controversies surrounding Carlson, including accusations of sexism and racism. Carlson has denied the allegations and has maintained that he was fired for his political views.

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The legal battle between Carlson and Fox News will likely continue as both sides attempt to resolve the dispute in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Carlson’s Twitter show continues to attract a large audience, with many viewers tuning in to see what the controversial host has to say next.

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