Arham, a 6 years old makes Ahmedabad proud by becoming the youngest programmer

Om Talsania is a proud father these days as his son has achieved the unthinkable. Being a soft engineer himself, his son’s interest in coding got wings as he taught him the basics of programming.

He earned the tag of becoming the youngest computer programmer followed by a place in Guinness World Record. He cleared the Python programming language. 

Arham says that his father has taught him coding and while he was 2 years old. He began to use tablets followed by gadgets at the age of 3. There hasn’t been any stopping since then. His father has contributed towards his success as he was working on Python himself and he learnt  loads of things from there. 

Arham further says that he was working with the intricacies of small games and that was the time, he got the certificate and on approval, he got Guinness World Record certificate as well.

Arham always wanted to be an entrepreneur who can assist everyone in the areas of games, apps and coding.

According to his father, his son had immense liking with gadgets and he used to spend a big chunk of time playing on tablet devices. His son used to monitor and closely inspect him doing coding and this is how his interest has further got a boost. 

Arham was taught the basics of programming while he started creating games all by himself. He has further gathered accolades in different areas as he has got the recognition from Microsoft technology associate. 

It seems that there is a long way to go for this young talent as him aim of becoming a business entrepreneur for helping everyone is soon going to be a reality

Let’s pray for this budding talent who is all set to make India and the world proud too. 

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