Trash Can Floats Down Street in New Jersey Flash Flood

A recent flash flood in northern New Jersey has caused widespread damage and disruption, with one particularly striking image capturing the attention of social media users. A video posted on July 5th shows a trash can floating down a residential street, carried along by the fast-moving floodwaters.

A resident captured the video, Patrick Hurley, who said he filmed it from his home in Summit. The footage quickly went viral, with many expressing shock and concern over the severity of the flood and its impact on local communities.

The flash flood was caused by heavy rain that fell across parts of northern New Jersey on July 4th, with flood warnings throughout the day. The storm caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, with some areas experiencing power outages and road closures.

Despite the stormy conditions, the local fireworks display went ahead as planned on July 4th, according to Hurley. However, the flood’s aftermath has left many residents struggling to clean up and recover from the damage.

The flash flood in New Jersey serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by severe weather events and the importance of taking precautions and preparing for emergencies. It is also a testament to the resilience of local communities, who are coming together to support one another and rebuild in the aftermath of the storm.

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