Zohra Sehgal : Who is she? Early Life, Age, Awards, Family, Quotes and rare photos

Zohra Sehgal : Who is she?

Sahibzaadi Begum Zohra Mumtazullah Khan, popularly known as Zohra Sehgal, was an iconic Indian actress. She also happened to be one of the country’s first female actresses who brought laurels to India on an international platform. 

Early Life of Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal has devoted her life to artists’ and humanity’s well-being. She was born on April 27th, 1912, in Uttar Pradesh and breathed her last at her New Delhi residence when she was 102, on July 10th, 2014. 

She started as a dancer, and her skills brought enough charisma and fame. She was in the troupe of Choreographer Uday Shankar. This was when she also enrolled in a prestigious school in Germany to earn ballet and went on international tours with Uday Shankar. She has been a renowned dancer with international fame. From 1935 to 1943, she had the credit of being the leading dancer with the troupe, where her performance was well appreciated across countries such as Japan and the USA.

Age of Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal crossed a little over 100 years, and she was of 102 years when she breathed her last. She has lived her life, and her smiles in various photos present in the online world speak about the satisfaction and zeal she has been spending her long life. 

Awards of Zohra Sehgal

Google Doodle remembers the iconic Indian actress Zohra Sehgal by paying tribute to her in a personalized way. Yes, Google Doodle featured her on Tuesday as the search engine showed her in dancing mode, as it was her magnificent skills that gave her enough recognition on this day in 1946. Yes, her movie “Neecha Nagar” bagged the highest and most prestigious honor, something which the whole of India was, is, and will feel proud of, namely ‘the Palme d’Or prize.’

The captivating dancing mode was created by Parvati Pillai, a guest artist associated with Google. 

Google also left a note written personally for the lady, which has brought laurels to Indians in an International arena where it described her as being one of the country’s first female actors to have brought world recognition internationally. 

Zohra Sehgal’s contribution to Bollywood has been sky-high. Yes, her latest contribution to the film “Saawariya,” directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 2007, has added to her assistance. She has also been featured in blockbusters such as “Cheeni Kum,” “Dil Se,” “Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam,” etc. 

While she was having proud moments towards bagging different awards in the form of Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan, etc., it was India that was feeling even prouder for her as her immense contribution to the Indian Bollywood industry has been tremendous. She started her career early, and there has been no looking back. 

Family of Zohra Sehgal

Zohra Sehgal found the man of her dreams in the form of Kameshwar Sehgal, and they tied the knot on August 1942, where they were blessed with two children. She will be in the hearts of everyone as she has proven to be a lady with firm determination and hopes to achieve great miles. Yes, her flying career proves how one can score the deserving position in India and gather prouder moments in the International arena with hard work and determination. She has been a great hard worker who had enough belief in her work and how she will lead her life. She has also been a family woman and a mother of two. She has shown the world how she has worn different roles as a mother, wife, and heartthrob of millions. 

Zohra Sehgal quotes

Zohra Sehgal is a lady who inspires everyone that hard work can take one to places, and there is no substitute for the same. Yes, no one can achieve the highest position in getting awards without struggle. She is equally no exception as well. 

One of the quotes which create an inspiring attribute in us is well articulated by the lady herself when she says:-

“Life’s been tough, but I am tougher. I beat life at its own game”

Yes, the above quote is appropriate for her life; she has shown how life struggles can be overpowered with firm determination. 

Yes, we may term her lucky enough to get paid for the hard work she has done, and that’s why Google Doodle remembers her and pays tribute to her for being an extraordinary woman who brought fame to India while being in the global land. Yes, that’s how she has nurtured herself; her years of selfless struggle and hours of practice have borne her fruit. 

She ‘was,’ ‘is,’ and ‘will’ always be in the hearts and minds of Indians. 

She has lived her life, and India proudly remembers her. 

It is hoped that Google Doodle will continue to pay tribute to her for another 100 years.

Thanks to Google, the whole gets another chance to remember her, and there is no denying on that front. 

Zohra Sehgal rare photos

The Internet has rare photos of Zohra Sehgal, where a single image does the talking. Yes, most photographs depict her life as an artist, where we get a sneak at her life. Various photos belong to her childhood, and her beauty, even at an old age, truly speaks about her being charismatic through all walks of life. 

Significant Loss for Bollywood Industry

Indian Bollywood industry has undoubtedly lost a gem with her passing, and there can’t be a substitute for her stature. She has also proved how being modest helped her to scale the heights of success where she never felt the need to be too dramatic or try to show off for her fans or her team.

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