Sweet Home Season 2

The Sweet Home Season 2 Release date, Cast, plot: Everything You Want To Know

Sweet Home is a show that has captured the hearts of many with its mix of comedy and drama. The cast will be back, and you can expect plenty more laughs as well as tears when Sweet Home season 2 releases. Check out what else we know about Sweet home season 2 below!

The Release Date for Sweet Home Season 2:

The first season of Sweet Home only hit Netflix in December of 2020, so fans may have to wait a while before they get any more of the show. The show has yet to be officially renewed for a second season, but given the limited amount of time the show has been out, it’s still possible for a second season to happen.

The Cast of Sweet Home Season 2:

  • Song Kang
  • Lee Jin-Wook
  • Kim Nam-hee
  • Go Min-si
  • Park Gyu-young
  • Go Yoon-Jung
  • Lee Do-Hyun
  • Kim Kap-soo
  • Kim Sang-ho
  • Woo Hyun
  • Lee Si-young

The Plot of Sweet Home Season 2:

Sweet Home is a Korean thriller drama that tells the story of a group of people from different backgrounds living together in one house. The sweet home started off as an innocent webtoon, but it quickly turned into something much darker when began airing on Netflix last December.

The show follows Song Kang who moves to Sweet Home with his wife and daughter after losing everything he owns to gambling debtors.

Sweet Home seems like the perfect place for him since there are lots of other tenants there, so nobody would know about their pasts or judge them harshly for it.

Woo Hyun, on the other hand, starts to grow feelings for Kang Sung-Yeon; who he sees as his savior because she helped him get a job in Sweet Home and even set up his first date with Si-young.

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Sweet Home is a mystery horror TV series, it’s plot revolves around the tenants of Sweet Home who are haunted by ghosts and fight against them.

The second season picks up where Sweet Home left off with Woo Hyun becoming increasingly worried about Kang Sung-Yeon after she goes missing for days without contact.

After some time, he finally tracks her down and finds out that she was in the hospital; having been in a car accident weeks before. Si-young has also become more distant due to his feelings towards Jin Kyung (played by BoA).

The Storyline of Sweet Home Season 2:

The finale went offshore with Sang-Wook expiring at the pool of his blood when trying to take Yu-ri out after locating her having an asthma attack.

Ui-Myeong’s uncontrollably shooting kills two survivors, it is just after Hyun-Soo turns into a creature which he is stopped. Hyun-Soo proceeds to face the military while the apartment building begins to fall as a result of an explosion.

While a very few have left it over the floor, Hyun-Soo wakes up in an armored car and can be greeted by Sang-Wook, only to realize it is rather Ui-myeong, who has obtained Sang-work’s kind.

Now that which we’ve got a search for is how long the handful of survivors who have been assured a so-called haven can hold onto humanity.

Is it Binge-Worthy:

Sweet Home Season two is really a well-written and engaging series that may be appropriate for binge-watching. Sweet Home does not disappoint with each new episode, leaving viewers wanting more.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about this show; it’s actually quite addictive and entertaining! The first volume of Sweet Home left me feeling so sad yet enthralled by all the characters’ lives I started anticipating when they would die (but in an exciting way).

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