Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman Season 2 – What To Know About This Series On Netflix

As we are aware of Netflix renewing anime series that do not fail to impress the subscribers of the streaming service. This will be one of them that is currently getting all the attention right now. Ultraman Season Two was announced to come but no release date has been set for it yet. This article is about Ultraman Season 2.

Ultraman is a Japanese manga series written by Eiichi Shimizu. The anime manga series has been published in Monthly Hero’s since the magazine’s inaugural issue. There are rumors in the air about the replacement of the Ultraman Factor. In this season we will see the destiny of the manga.

Ultraman season 2to Release in Spring of 2022

While we are concerned about the release date for our favorite show. We are not informed of the exact dates for release. All we know by far is that the series will likely release by the fall of 2022.

The first season of the show was released two years back. Since then, we have had no update in the series. The news came out this year, that the series will have a new season in 2022. While the series was already renewed in 2019. There was a huge gap between the two announcements, but it is expected to be worth the wait.

The first season of Ultraman was well received by both fans and critics alike. The series tells us about Shinjiro Hayata who develops a strange power after defeating an alien life form.

Although, we do not have news about the release date. However, Netflix has released a new poster for the series and added it on the Twitter account,  “Armor up. Ultraman is coming. See Season 2 in 2022.”

This was a very short announcement. But, the fans of the show are already excited about the new season.

Teaser of the Anime Series Tell a Lot About the Plot

In the short trailer video released by Netflix, we saw that the big part for this season will be the so-called “Seven Suits,” or version 7.0 of the Ultraman suit.

The promo also featured an upcoming alien attack. This season will be also a big challenge for Shinjiro, who will be in charge of the new suit.

However, it is not sure that this attack was planned by aliens or humans to destroy Earth and start a war against them. As far as we could see from the teaser video released on Twitter, there are different scenes where Ultraman fights with several villains.

Characters to Appear in Ultraman Season 2

The majority of the casting team had been revealed at Netflix’s Tudum pre-show. We have a piece of news that Shinjiro Hayata, the son of Hayata Shin, will be the new protagonist for the upcoming season.

Ryohei Kimura will give his voice to the character of Shinjiro. Jack will be voiced by Ryōta Takeuchi. We do not have other names for the voiceovers.

Surely, we have two names from the teams of the villains that will be appearing in the Ultraman Season 2. One of them is Ace Killer who will have the voice of Hiroaki Hirata and Adad who will be voiced by Kenjirô Tsuda.

There will be fresh entries for the new characters. The Ultraman Season two has been green-lit for production but there are not many details about the show. Stay tuned to get more news on this!

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