Midnight Mass Season 2 – Supernatural Miniseries Not Happening?

Midnight Mass Season 2
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Though the miniseries was quite a thrill and a great success, it has been announced that the show is not going to continue for a second season. This article is about Midnight Mass Season 2.

Midnight Mass was released on Netflix just a few days ago and fans have already begun campaigning online in hopes of renewing the series. This is a sad day for all of its fans who have been anxiously waiting to see the second season. The Supernatural horror miniseries, Midnight Mass, is not happening.

The supernatural horror stars Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Hamish Linklater, Rahul Kohli, and Henry Thomas as the leading characters.

The show was originally created and directed by Mike Flanagan. The plot centers on an isolated island community that experiences supernatural events after the arrival of a mysterious priest.

Midnight Mass Season 2 Will Happen?

The creator of the series, Mike Flanagan has been around the industry. He brings to us the show and the cast in a whole new version. And we cannot help but fall in love with the story and all its characters. He has been involved in numerous projects before this one, including Hush, The Haunting of Hill House, and Gerald’s Game.

However, it looks like we will not be seeing another season of Midnight Mass anytime soon. This is because Netflix has officially canceled the series after a very successful first season this September. It was well-received by critics and viewers alike which made us excited about what’s to come in Season.

The first season of Midnight Mass was released on September 24th, 2021 via Netflix.

The Reasons Behind Just One Season for Midnight Mass

The miniseries had 7 episodes aired in total. The story was a precise one with all the minute details taken care of. We are expecting the next season for the series. But, the fact is, the creators of the show were successful in compiling the story in the first season only.

This is precisely why Midnight Mass was not renewed for another season because it could have put a lot of pressure on the creators to come up with an equally good plot and concept next time around.

Midnight Mass' Season 2 - Trailer, Cast, News, Release Date
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Characters from the First Season Might Make Up to the Future Development of Midnight Mass

There were some of the characters who were alive by the end of the show. This includes Warren and Leeza. Warren and Leeza can make a link between all the deaths and probably a new season.

We saw the deaths of leading characters. Father Paul (also, Monsignor Pruitt) and Mildred Gunning along with the majority of the Crockett Island residents, were dead by the morning.

Sheriff Hassan, his son, Ali, Bev, Erin, Sarah are all dead by the end of the season. This is another reason why the show might not want to continue with a new season.

Mike Likely to Engage in a New Project

Season Two of Midnight Mass is not happening, at least for now. Mike Flanagan has said that he doesn’t have anything planned in the future right away. Also, Netflix itself was focused on other things like making new seasons of Stranger Things and Mindhunter.

Mike has not confirmed if he is working for any new show. But, we might probably see him working on new things.

We might see our favorite actors returning to his new projects. He might be interested in making another show for Netflix.

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