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The Moonhaven Release Date, Cast And Plot -What We Know So Far

The Moonhaven ‍ cast and release date have been announced, but there are still a lot of questions to answer. What is the Moonhaven about? Who is in the Moonhaven cast? When will Moonhaven be released? We break down all that we know so far for you!

The release date of Moonhaven:

Until the project really gains momentum and we learn when “Moonhaven” plans to start filming, it’s probably safest to guess the show won’t premiere on AMC until early 2023.

Ayelet Zurer Joins Peter Ocko's AMC Sci-Fi Series 'Moonhaven'
Source: TV

The cast of Moonhaven:

  • Kadeem Hardison
  • Emma McDonald
  • Dominic Monaghan
  • Ayelet Zurer

The plot of Moonhaven:

There are a lot of questions surrounding the plot of Moonhaven, but what we do know is that it’s going to be set in Ireland. The show will also explore “family dynamics and relationships”.

Ayelet Zurer stars as Evelyn Davis-Jones who moves back to her hometown with her family after spending most of her life living abroad. When she returns home though, there seems to be something sinister lurking around every corner.

Dominic Monaghan plays Patrick Jones-Davis while Emma McDonald will portray Evelyn’s sister, Edwina Davis-Jones. Kadeem Hardison plays Patrick’s brother and the family patriarch, George Jones-Davis.

Is Moonhaven might be worth watching?

Is Moonhaven might be worth watching? The show has received mixed reviews so far but it’s early days yet! It does make a change from all those crime dramas out there too (where you know what will happen before it does) so for that reason alone, Moonhaven might be worth a watch.

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