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last night in soho
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The official release date for “Last Night in Soho” is October 22, 2021. This is just before Halloween, which is a perfect time to release this chilling psychological movie.

Last Night in Soho was delayed because of COVID-19. People were worried about the pandemic. The release date was moved to September 25, 2020, but it is now the new date. Edgar Wright said that the film was not done yet. It will be big on April 23, 2021. The release date of the movie “Last Night in Soho” changed again.

The director, Wright, wrote on Twitter that it would come out later. I know this might disappoint some of you, but I hope it will be more fun for you to see it in the dark. We can watch it on a big screen together with other people. In October, it will be the movie “Last Night in Soho.” It is a good movie. People can see it on the big screen at theaters that are open again and theaters that are not yet open.

Last Night In Soho: Edgar Wright Teases 'Very Different' New Film –  Exclusive Image | Movies | Empire
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What is the plot of Last Night in Soho?

In this book, a young girl named Eloise is very interested in fashion. She looks up to a singer from the 1960s, called Sandy. But one night something strange happens and she ends up in London in the 1960s inside of Sandy’s body! Sandy goes into a romantic relationship with Jack. Eloise’s life is not as it seems. 1960s London was not what it seemed. Time is falling apart with the consequences. When the past lets you in, the truth comes out. The new movie doesn’t tell us much more than what we already knew about it. Still, in this horror thriller, there are lots of scary things. There are also different times that they change into. We can’t wait to see how this movie ends.

Who will be starring in Last Night in Soho?

Anya Taylor-Joy is the first cast member of “Last Night in Soho.” She was born in 1994. She played a character named Sandy, who lives in London. And the actress has already sung a song in the movie trailer! It is a cover of Petula Clark’s “Downtown.”

Taylor-Joy will be in a new movie called “The New Mutants.” She will be in it with Thomasin McKenzie. McKenzie was in a movie about the Holocaust. Another part of this movie will be played by Matt Smith, who is in the “The Crown” on Netflix. He will play Jack. He is a singer and loves both Eloise and Sandy. The movie has a lot of people in it. They are all very famous. One of them is Terence Stamp, and another is Diana Rigg, who died last year.

The trailer for Edgar Wright’s new movie, “Last Night in Soho,” came out. Fans are very excited about it because they don’t know much about the plot. They just saw the trailer.
The director of “Baby Driver” also wrote this film. He collaborated with the screenwriter of “1917”. Wilson-Cairns also wrote for the 3rd season of “Penny Dreadful,” a scary, enthralling show on Showtime.

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